You Should Give These Three Used Cars A Shot!

You Should Give These 3 Used Cars a Shot!

Buying a car is not only expensive but when the ownership costs kick in then the recurring expenses keep on piling and pose as an additional responsibility. On the other hand, buying a car that has been used previously, even if a little bit, can help you by letting some cash stay with you, while offering the same quality. There are quite a lot of positives to buying second hand cars. You will not only have that feeling of satisfaction by owning a car but, more importantly, at a much lesser price. Moreover, the used car industry in India is booming at present. With the increase in number of certified used car dealers and websites listing used models, it is proof enough that more people prefer to go for pre owned cars rather than buying new. Let us have a look at the top 3 models of used cars which are among the most preferred ones in India.

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Used Cars in Delhi

Used Maruti Alto K10 – Maruti Alto K10 is similar to the earlier model Alto, with a bigger engine. It is a car that is popular with both buyers and critics. This car is great fun to drive owing to the 1.0 litre K-Series engine along with the peace of mind that results with owning a Maruti Suzuki car. So going for this Alto K10 makes sense if you want a car that is neither too old nor travelled a lot. The only downside would be the lack of features and the basic interiors. Servicing will continued to be provided by Maruti for this model.

Used Chevrolet Beat – The Chevrolet Beat is a very efficient hatchback car though priced at a slightly higher side. The used Beats come with petrol as well as diesel variants which provide options and thus make it a very good purchase at a reasonable price. The Beat rates high on the exterior as well as interior styling. Although it has its drawbacks like the tiny boot and not so great performance, but it more than makes up for that by being a capable all-round car with stunning looks available a great price.

Used Honda Civic – The Civic is a sporty premium sedan that surely is an exciting option as a used car too. It witnessed instant success in India when it was launched because there was no match for it then, in terms of looks and brand value. Fantastic value for money can be expected from a used Honda Civic, considering the fact that you get a lot from it in terms of quality, space and comfort. Lack of a diesel variant and not so great fuel economy might be a minus, but it still can easily prove to be the best 3.5 lakh ever spent for a car.

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