You Can Now Go for Hyundai Cars on Subscription Basis!


Hyundai Motor India and self-drive car rental service provider Revv have entered into a collaboration to provide Hyundai cars on a subscription basis. On subscription, the customers could opt for a flexible ownership plan which includes both short term and long term. The customers can also enjoy the option of swapping cars across the Hyundai range and can avail it easily without any down payment. Besides, no amount will be charged by the company for insurance or maintenance of the customer who has subscribed for the short term. Customers who opt for one –year subscription or more are also promised new cars by the automaker.

According to SJ Ha, Senior Director, Sales and Marketing, Hyundai Motor India Ltd., the company is immensely thrilled about the Indian mobility landscape currently and can anticipate excellent prospects. He also expressed his belief that this strategic alliance will pave the way for millennial customers of contemporary times to experience the diverse product offerings of Hyundai that seamlessly blend with their personality. He further added that thanks to Hyundai’s deep understanding of Indian consumers and progressive tech-driven mobility solutions, the company aims to forge a new market for the New Age Indians.

Having started as a pilot project, this subscription-based car-leasing service offered by Hyundai and Revv has been launched only in six cities in its initial stage, namely, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. However, nothing has been revealed about the expansion of the plan yet. The project will start in Q1 2019.

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