Why Used Toyota Innova Crysta Popular in Mumbai?

Overview– A full-fledged people mover, the Toyota Innova Crysta surely comes at a premium. The high cost of the vehicle hardly deters its loyal fan base from buying it, and this kind of popularity is enjoyed by few vehicles. Statistics and studies have revealed that this car, which is basically the second-generation of the company’s high-selling MPV, has been regularly outselling some much cheaper models.

The popularity of the MPV can be seen even in the used car market, where it boasts a fantastic resale value. There have been instances of used cars which are only about a couple of years old, with decent mileage retaining for 90% of their original price.

Toyota Innova Crysta

Pros of Buying Used Toyota Innova Crysta-

Especially in a city like Mumbai, used car buyers prefer Toyota Innova Crysta all the more, and the reason for the same can be attributed to the following factors:

Spacious and comfortable- this car offers a seating capacity of up to seven passengers. Even the third row is very spacious and can easily accommodate two adults. Of course, you can have a lot of luggage space by folding down the rear seats. This is in stark contrast with many other MPVs and SUVs, wherein the last row of seats is almost useless. Also, the Innova offers a very comfortable ride, which means the passengers do not experience any fatigue even during long trips.

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Refined, powerful, fuel-efficient: it comes with 2 diesel options- 2.4litre and 2.7litre. the latter comes with an automatic transmission. Besides, Toyota engines are known for being extremely reliable. Buyers of used cars in Mumbai choose to settle for the Innova Crysta due to the optimum mix of performance and fuel efficiency.

Easy maintenance- the high resale value of the Toyota Innova Crysta can also be attributed to the fact that it is quite easy to maintain this car. Toyota Kirloskar Motors is known for its reasonably priced spare parts. Also, the MPV benefits from a widespread service network that strives to offer high customer satisfaction. The best part is, equipped with great build quality, the MPV hardly malfunctions, and hence, there is a minimal requirement, if any at all, for replacement of parts. Also, Toyota offers top-class service for its customer base, which is one of its strong points.

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Great brand image- besides the above-mentioned factors, what also draws buyers of pre-owned cars in Mumbai towards the Toyota Innova Crysta is that it belongs to the stable of a much-revered brand. People are even willing to pay more simply because they know seldom will anything go wrong with this car, even if it is a used car. Mumbai is a city with high living costs, this car is a prudent choice since just regular service is enough to keep it in a good shape, without spending much on maintenance costs.

The bottom line is, Toyota Innova Crysta finds many takers in the used car market of Mumbai, thanks to practicality and versatility, as mentioned above.

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