Why Should I Buy Used Cars

Why Should I Buy Used Car

Out of the hundreds of questions that keep floating in your mind when you have just started with plans to buy a car, the most basic one is perhaps, whether you should go for an all new car or buy a pre owned car. Though this question seems simple, the answer is not.

Purchasing a new car certainly comes with several plus points. You get to drive a brand new car which has never been used before and along with it you also get the most advanced car technology that is on offer and even the best warranty schemes without having to shell out extra money. The latest technology which is there in new cars mean better safety of you and your family and more fuel efficient engines with lower levels of emission. Other than these factors, getting to finance a new car is a lot easier than financing a used car and you do not have to pay extra rupees for its maintenance at least till some time initially. Most importantly, not much work is required from your end while buying a new car, because most of that task is taken care of by the car dealer. But the same is not applicable in case you are buying a pre owned car where you have to visit each and every individual seller, to inspect and view the car and check before we go ahead to buy it.

Used Car is Best Option

But in spite of all the various advantages of buying a sparkling new car, the used car industry in India is also rapidly growing. There are interesting reasons for that as well.

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Though the interest rates on new cars are usually low, the overall price of used cars, even after including the interest, is much lesser than the price of the same new car. The advantage is that you can now buy a better model which you would probably not be buying new, owing to budget restrictions. But not only will you drive a nice car but also at a much lower price. So this gives you more options to choose from. The value of all cars will depreciate with time and with every kilometre travelled. The maximum depreciation happens right at the moment you buy that new car. But in case of used cars, there is no depreciation. Cost of a new car includes different kinds of taxes but buying a used car from a private seller will not include any random costs. Buying a used car has its positives mostly in terms of financial benefit.

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And with the help of the Internet today, the experience of buying a used car is now very different from what it used to be earlier. Nowadays, all information that we may ever need is easily available on the Internet. So buying a used car is now quite convenient which is why more people are opting to buy used cars than new ones.

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