Which Certified Used Cars Are The Best Buy In India & Why

Which Certified Used Cars Are The Best Buy In India & Why

There are umpteen sources to tell you why used car market is increasing day by day. To put it simply, there is a huge supply and demand for new cars – due to better models, technologically advanced features and innovative finance schemes. There is less consumers who buy new cars for the first time and more consumers who love cars enough to become second & third time buyers. The latter have increased and hence the usher of good quality used cars in the market.

How you should judge a used car has many takes and as many opinion givers. With the perception of car as an “asset for life”, Indians do take this step quite seriously. The used car market in India has been innovative enough to cater to this nature. That gave rise to certified used cars & reliable used car warranty plans.

What do you mean by certified cars?

They are cars which are thoroughly checked for quality broadly based on their lifespan, mileage, number of owners, condition of the exteriors car and condition of the engine. This has been further broken down to a checklist of over 100 points by reputed used car dealers. Only a car which makes through this checklist gets the tag of a certified car.

Why bother with certification?

To ensure that the customer can place his trust in this elaborate system. And so that the used car brands can sustain offering excellent used car warranty schemes. You can only warrant something you know is of good quality.

Certified Used Cars

Which brand of certified used car has gained popularity?

Many. Some brands in India have often encashed the selling point of being a good resale. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Hyundai – This Korean manufactured brand has rightfully earned the reputation of being fuel efficient, offering reliable performance, giving good ride quality and yet not burning a hole in your pocket. There are sleek looking models like i10 which gained huge popularity due to its sturdy & fancy features. They still make good resale. And when certified, you can let go of your concerns.

Maruti – Yet another hugely popular car which offered everything an Indian family wished for – good mileage, cost effective spares & presence of service centres anywhere. This earned it a great resale value. A great used car warranty is all you need to indulge yourself in owing a car with peace.

Honda – There are some car models which just took the market by storm. Honda made that happen with style, functionality & thrill in its car models. Some of the Honda models have been very popular like City & Civic. They hold a high resale value and hence are one of the most popular certified used cars getting sold.

Toyota – This Japanese automotive manufacturer is renowned for being a stickler for quality and safety. Style & substance rolled into one. Look for a certified Toyota used car with extensive warranty coverage will keep you comfortable and secured.

Luxury Cars – The BMWs, Audis, Mercedes versions which have always made heads turn are now affordable – thanks to the certified used car sales. Imagine this – At a fraction of the market price, you could be the owner of such dream models and not be scared of getting a lemon instead. Quality, Features, Stability, Style, Convenience – They offer it all. Add to it a great warranty plan. That’s why they are fast becoming a popular buy.

More models and more brands are making a foray into the used car segment every minute. The big brands in this segment are making efforts in the right direction to bring reliability, precise price discover and good faith into this unorganised trade.

We are sure we have not covered all the favourite car brands in the used car market. Please share with us your opinion on why a car brand/model should be preferred.

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