Vehicle Registration Certificate: Spot The Difference Between An Original And Fake

Buying a new car is a dream harboured by many but with rise in prices of all commodities, it is becoming difficult day-by-day to turn this dream into reality. If you are a first timer in purchasing a car it’s better to educate yourself with every nitty gritty of car purchasing without jumping straight into the trap of the companies and the dealers. Even after the choice is made and the negotiation is done a great deal of paperwork is still left.

One should be well aware of each of the steps until the car is finally registered in their name and ready to be driven off their curb. After you go through a long and tedious process of selection of your dream car and get the finances in order one has to get the Vehicle Registration Certificate from RTO. This is the final step of the whole process. Once all the other formalities are complete one has to procure a permanent registration certificate issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO).

A vehicle registration certificate is an official document providing proof of registration of a motor vehicle. It is used primarily by governments as a means of ensuring that all road vehicles are on the national vehicle register, but is also used as a form of law enforcement and to facilitate the change of ownership when buying and selling a vehicle making it an important document to avail.

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Registration Certificate

However to make matters more complicated scammers have come up with fake vehicle registration certificates which are distributed to customers even after you pay for an original one. Thereby it becomes mandatory that buyers are aware of this phenomenon and more importantly can differentiate between a real and fake Vehicle Registration Certificate. It is quite a tedious task considering there no prescribed universal format. In fact, each state in India has its own is a version of Vehicle Registration Certificate which is subject to changes without any prior notice making the job even more difficult. However, there are numerous minute details that can help you to spot a fake Vehicle Registration Certificate.

One such identification parameter is the colour and font used in the Certificate. It has been noticed that most fake Registration Certificates have a lighter colour and a variable font while the original ones have a clear font all over with no change in shades of the same colour. Even the stamp colour can vary from the standard purple colour in fake RCs.

The base paper used for the RCs can also provide hints of its authenticity. The paper RCs are the easiest to copy and forge. But, you can identify them by the base paper format as the base paper has a clear picture than the photoshopped vehicle registration certificate.

The size of RCs also differs between an original and a fake one. More often than not the original vehicle registration certificate is smaller than the fake one. No matter how efficient the scammer the finishing of a fake Registration Certificate does not match up to the original one. For example lines on the edges are an indication that your vehicle registration certificate has some authenticity issues.

This is always better to be an aware citizen than to fall into the traps of these scammers and in turn, having to pay heavy fines in future.

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