Used Car Market In Kolkata

Used Car Market in Kolkata

It is expected by car experts that by 2020, the weight of nearly 9 million cars could be well born by the Indian roads, in addition to the billions of cars that already exist. And pre owned car segment, which was never considered among the potential areas of growth in car sales, has silently carved its own space in the hearts of the car purchasers. The average Indian could spot value in pre owned cars which were discarded after three or four years of use and accepted them with much readiness, while the rest of India was engrossed checking out new cars models. In this way, the used car market has grown in proportions today. According to industry experts, the used auto sector is the most promising space for car sales in the future. In more ways than one, this sector has also contributed to reduce the burden on earth by putting cars to refurbish and reuse.

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A sluggish economy and not so bright forecast for car sales have not impacted the second hand car market in the country. Market research agency Crisil has noted way back in 2012, that pre owned car sales would strike a good 8 million by 2016 or 2017 striking a very positive note for the sector. This also proves that the stigma and prejudices involved while buying a second hand car, is giving way to a more positive feeling of having made an intelligent decision over a more pricey alternative of buying a brand new car. With euphemists around, we no longer refer to a ‘second hand’ car as one, but with the new name of a ‘used car’ that does not strike a negative feeling of having got a not so good deal.

Used Cars in Kolkata

Going by the studies conducted by different market research companies, it has been seen that the people of Kolkata are the perhaps the most budget conscious minds in the country. In Kolkata, the leading brands Maruti, Hyundai and Honda are also the most popular names in the used car market. With the trust that Maruti has gained over the years, the Swift models constitute nearly one third of the Maruti hatchback used cars, while Alto makes up for another 25%. But surprisingly, at a time when sales of luxury car have lessened nationally, Kolkata is observing a reverse trend with more and more premium car manufacturers opening showrooms there. And with their focus on the used car segment, they have to say that around 50-60 pre owned cars are sold in Kolkata every year which is premium cars, with the most sought after model being the BMW 3-series.

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