Used Car Market in Jaipur


The used car market of Jaipur consists of real affordable and sturdy cars of known brands.

Used Cars in Jaipur MFCWL Research

Honda City

Honda City

Honda City is probably the most popular and most purchased Honda car in India. The car comes with handsome good looks and is bestowed with features that are borne of state of the art technology.

The striking features embellishing the Honda City include – cruise control system which modulates the optimum acceleration during long highway rides and rids the need of constantly pressing the accelerator, electric ORVM i.e. the rear view mirrors outside the cars can be controlled electronically and pedal shift which helps in switching from high to low gears while driving the car in manual mode. The price of this used car is around 5 lakhs. Also check used honda city in Jaipur

Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio: Mahindra Scorpio has provided service without complaints to Indians for over a decade now. India without Mahindra Scorpio is hard to imagine in the literal sense. The car is tough, provides good mileage and has amazing controls – all that Indian roads demand. The car comes bestowed with a number of amazing features which include – hexagonal speedometer, automatic gearbox and projector headlamps. Some other conveniences provided by the car include – central locking, power steering, new generation transmission, power windows, driver information system, LED parking lights, new imposing front grille, dual airbags and many more. This used car is available at 7.95 lakhs. Also check used Mahindra Scorpio in Jaipur

Renault Pulse

Renault Pulse: It is a practical and spacious hatchback that comes with ample cabin space. It comes with a frugal range of engine options. The attractive features that lure customer including – on board trip computer (that calculates all your fuel needs and other relevant data needed for your drive), dual airbags (that not only safeguards the driver but the front passenger as well, from an head on collision of the car) and alloy wheels (to enhance performance and handling). The other features that comes adorning the car are – keyless entry, automatic climate control and rear wiper and washer. This used car is available at 4.25 lakhs.

Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai Elantra: It is a handsome looking hatchback that comes with amazing features like – 6 airbags each for the occupants of the car which would ensure their safety at times of the car’s head on collision, rear parking assist system which with the help of a rear view camera display on AVN display gives you parking guidelines and smart key system which enables entry and exit from the car with the help of a single button. The price of this used car is 11.50 lakhs.

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner: The Toyota Fortuner comes as the perfect amalgamation of style, comfort and convenience. The key features embellishing the car includes a hi – tech navigation system which makes drives easy and peaceful ridding the worries of getting lost in unknown places. A second amazing feature of the car includes – automatic climate control system which makes long drives even on scorching hot days, easy and comfortable.

The AC adjusts itself according to your liking so that you can concentrate on the driving more. Also the vehicle stability control is another major feature of the car sticks to the ground during off-roading and high-speed cornering.

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