Used Car Market in Delhi

Used Car Market in Delhi

Though sales of new cars models remain sluggish, the used car market is continually turning into a more welcoming source of revenue for the car manufacturers. The idea of having a used cars division has already been realised by car makers like Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, and also by the luxury car majors BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. To make the most of this market, the companies are offering certified pre owned vehicles along with multi point inspection with attractive discounts and offers. They also keep a check on the after sales service.

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The used car divisions help the car makers to introduce their brand to customers even if a new car model is beyond their reach. According to a Delhi-based analyst, 40 to 45 per cent of car purchasers are below 30, and mostly looking to upgrade from a two wheeler to a hatchback or a sedan. The target customer base for used cars is primarily from this section. For our country’s second largest car maker Hyundai Motor, out of the 3, 80,253 new models that it sold in 2013, the significant number was to customers who had either previously owned or driven a used Hyundai car, according to a company executive. Hyundai, which has seen steady growth of 20 per cent sales over the past five years, sold 70,000 used cars last in 2013, many of them to even first time purchasers. Maruti True Value, which was started way back in 2001 for selling company owned used cars, has also contributed significantly to sales of used cars. Its network of 454 outlets across 260 cities attracts customers from all over the country.

Also Check : Used Car Market in Delhi

Following the Supreme Court’s prohibition on diesel cars with engines over 2000cc, one of India’s leading online automobile forums, recently carried out a survey on the impact of this verdict, where a remarkable trend of the users looking for their preferred diesel cars in the used auto market has been observed. This is mostly since they are unable to now book new vehicles in this class.

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According to that survey, there was a 27 percent fall in new car models in diesel SUV segment, while used car leads for these cars increased by 17 percent in a matter of days. Nearly all brands in this category saw a significant decline for new car models, starting with major car makers like Audi, Mahindra, Ford, BMW and Hyundai to the likes of Tata and Toyota. The models mainly impacted by this ban include Toyota Fortuner, Mercedes A Class, Ford Endeavour and Porsche Cayenne. But remarkably enough, the used car category for most of these models saw a major rise in terms of both page views and lead generation.

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