Used Car Dealers in Pune

Used car dealers in Pune

The used car market in the city has been boosted by rising aspirational needs and desires in addition to recent developments making new cars more and more expensive including the infra cess imposed by the Union Budget of 2016-17 along with luxury tax, increased registration charges, taxes and so on. The on-road prices of cars are way beyond belief these days, even in the entry level segments. In this context, buying a used car makes more sense to lots of people and rightly so!

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However, if you are planning on purchasing a used car in Pune, you should definitely find the right dealership for the purchase. This is half the job done as several industry pros will tell you. Choosing the wrong dealer will be a mistake that you will not have scope of amending. You should always opt for certified used car dealers in Pune as a thumb rule. You should go for dealerships that are part of a major automobile brand’s used division and are part of a chain created by a hugely successful brand in the Indian automobile market. This is one of the ways by which you can get an assurance of better quality, better customer service and better dealings.

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Choosing a certified used car is something that you should be firm about from the very start. Once you choose the right dealership in this case, you will not have to worry about the quality of the car since being pre-certified, it will already have been inspected and spruced up. It will also come with warranties to give you greater peace of mind along with all necessary accessories (can be purchased by you). You can also get insurance on your purchase in addition to easy and hassle free financing if that is required. Go for full service used car dealers in Pune and to answer the question looming in your mind already, this is only possible if you go for a dealership chain that is part of an established automobile brand in India.

This is one choice that you should definitely make and avoid other independent or free players since there you will encounter problems related to unavailability of particular car models, unfair pricing, non certified cars (no guarantee of longevity), lack of warranties and lack of insurance, financing and other services to name just a few. You will also have to haggle and negotiate for the best prices which is something you will not have to do in the former case. As mentioned, there are dealers in Pune who are part of one of the biggest automobile brands in the country and you will always get a better deal at any of these dealerships. These dealers are all part of a single brand service and used car division and there is also an online portal where you can conduct transactions as effortlessly as you can online.

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