Used Car Buying Trends in Bangalore

Used Car Buying Trends in Bangalore

Bangalore is undoubtedly one of the highest populated cities in India which is also infamous for the extreme traffic congestion. The enormous number of cars, the inadequate infrastructure of the city along with the illogical spread of the development are some of the reasons for the huge traffic congestion. The cost of purchasing a car in Bangalore is more than that in any other place in India, due to the 18.9 % road tax that is levied. Thus it makes sense to go for used cars in Bangalore which are also fuel economic.

Renault Duster

Second Hand Cars in Bangalore

In a recent survey by one of India’s renowned auto portals regarding the trends of purchasing among used car consumers in Indian metro cities, it has been seen that people in Bangalore generally trade in their cars much faster than people of any other city in India. In Bangalore, most people go for trading in their cars for other ones after they have driven them for about three years, which is a year earlier than in other Indian cities. Given the infamous rush hour traffic of Bangalore, less people prefer SUVs there. When they want a larger car, the people of Banglore go for sedans then SUVs. The used car market in Bangalore is very different from that in Mumbai and Delhi. Studies show that people think that the cost of pre owned cars in Bangalore is much higher than the comparable models available in other Indian cities. Moreover, they say that in Bangalore, it is very difficult to find a used car in overall good condition as well as a reasonable price, at the same time. This is perhaps due to rising cost of living and road taxes in the city.

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Bangalore being the hub of the Indian IT sector is also one of the most prominent centres for commerce in India; thus car makers in the country are always looking to invest in these cities which can help to generate volumes and increase their market share.

India’s top two car makers, Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai, bank heavily on their hatchbacks for maintaining their market share and generating sales. Bangalore, as a result, sees a high volume of hatchbacks running on its roads. Experts feel that this is an obvious choice, because of the suitability a hatchback offers for a city known for tremendous traffic congestion.

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The demand in types of used cars varies drastically, from hatchbacks to luxury cars. On one hand, there are people who prefer a Maruti Suzuki Swift, Hyundai i10 or Ford Figo. However, there is also a section that prefers to go for used luxury cars from brands like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW. On taking a look around the city, the sheer number of luxury cars zooming past is overwhelming.

This diversity in the selection of vehicles makes Bangalore a great centre for all car makers, be it the ones that are loved by the masses or the ones that cater to a niche market.

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