Used Car Buying Guide How to Find the Right Balance between Value and Risk

Used Car Buying Guide – How to Find the Right Balance between Value and Risk

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One interesting point to be noted about purchasing used cars is that their prices are never fixed. No matter what price the car seller quotes, it is possible to get away by paying a lesser amount. This is because the used cars do not have that exclusive thing like brand new cars. Used cars have seen many seasons and run miles, and most importantly they have already depreciated in value. So these things sum up to the advantage of the buyer, which eliminates any reason to pay the printed price for a pre owned car.

Though it is easy to imagine that you are not going to pay the printed price, but actually convincing the car dealer to agree for a lower price is quite different. The task can be daunting if you plan to get a used car from a dealership. Here are few tips which can help you strike the correct balance between value of the used car and risk, while negotiating.

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Determine the value of the car – The first step to bargaining for a lesser price for a used car that you want to buy is to figure out how much other buyers are paying for it. Nowadays, several resources are available online to help you know the worth of the used car. The car value calculators that are available on the Internet can offer a near exact figure of the cash value of the used vehicle, which thus helps in knowing the minimum and maximum price range.

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Quote a price to the car seller – Already knowing the price range of the used car will help you to negotiate. Even if the car sellers try to convince you in different ways to pay those few extra bucks, do not give in to those offers. Begin with the minimum price that you are willing to pay. Most likely they will not agree to the value that you quote, but it is wise to not divulge the maximum price that you are willing to shell out, since that is bound to lead you to pay extra unnecessarily.

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Talk them down– When you start bargaining, either of you will try to wear the other one down. The seller will slowly lower the initial quoted price while you the buyer will gradually raise the amount. This will carry on till both of you agree on an amount that is roughly the average cost of the car. If the dealers disagree and stay fixed, it is better for you to leave politely.

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Document additional services – In case you opt to go with a financing scheme for the car from the financer at the car dealership outlet, and the seller agrees to perform maintenance on the used car before you own it, make sure this agreement is documented as proof in the bill.

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