Upcoming Tata Premium Hatchback- What we Know so far?


Tata has a premium hatchback concept coming up somewhere in the near future and is being developed on the Tata 45X concept. The prototype is in the early stages of testing. It can be expected that a late 2019 launch would be announced by the brand sooner or later.

The premium hatchback concept has now been spotted quite a few times on the Indian roads. Tata showcased the Tata 45X concept car at the Auto Expo 2018 and it can be seen that the upcoming model is based on that.

There is quite a huge camouflage on the car. Also, the makeshift parts are indicating that the car is in the early stages of testing at the present.

Upcoming Tata Premium Hatchback

Tata 45X Concept

Tata is taking all the steps to make sure that the launch comes as a total surprise for the eager Indian customers. Tata wants to fill up the gap and offer tough competition to the likes of Maruti Suzuki Baleno and the Hyundai i20 with this model. However, it can be guessed that this would not be happening anytime sooner than late 2019.

Tata wants to make a strong statement with this car. With the looks of the rigorous testing procedures, it seems like Tata is not aiming for anything less than the top spot in this category.

Exterior design

The 45X concept showcased by Tata earlier this year is based on the Alpha platform. This platform is serving as the basis for the new Impact Design 2.0 design language that has been developed by the automaker.

It is true that we might not be seeing any dramatic shape and lines that were originally featured in the concept car, there would some new styling cues and design concepts. There is a honeycomb grille in the front.

A wide central air dam is present with horizontal slats. The test mule has a lot of temporary units and nothing much can be said about the final exterior features like the outside rear-view mirror, the headlamps and the taillamps.

The size and dimensions of the car

The silhouette shows that the car would be larger than the hatchback models that the Indian customers are dealing with at present. The production would be kept under the 4-metre mark for the tax benefits.

It is however hoped that Tata would manage to keep the 2630 mm wheelbase of the concept car. Not much information is available on the design specifications of the cabin. The enthusiasts would need to wait some more to get some information about this part.

Engine Designs

It is too soon to get an idea about the engine options. The company has not been releasing official statements. Everything that has been noticed till present has been through the occasional spotting of the test mules.

It can be expected that the existing 1.2-litre Revotron petrol engine would be powering the hatchback. The turbocharges 1.5-litre petrol engine might be another option. Both the transmission options – the manual and automatic ones should be there.

Tata would be trying to make a good place for itself in the hatchback category. considering these are among the most selling vehicles.

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