Top 5 Used SUV’s in India

Top 5 Used SUV’s in India

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Top 5 SUV's in India

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Such assistance was never available for used car buyers before. Buying a used car becomes a sheer breeze with the help of MFC. If you are thinking of buying pre owned cars, you can opt for SUVs. SUVs are fun, stylish, big, rugged and adventurous vehicles to own. An SUV will be ideal for those long journeys or family trips you have been secretly planning and will also make for a powerful and arresting ride. SUVs are definitely some of the best cars created and you can actually get some fabulous choices in this segment. Here are the top five SUVs that you can buy.

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  • Used Mahindra Bolero – The Bolero is a no nonsense SUV that has been one of the most successful and hot selling cars in the country over the years. The Bolero ensures reliable and rugged performance and can be taken literally anywhere. If you love the great outdoors and are looking for something rugged, flamboyant and easy to manage, this is the best choice. This is priced quite competitively as well in the used car market.

  • Used Mahindra Scorpio – The iconic SUV and king of the Indian SUV market, the Scorpio has been an iconic model which has changed the face of the Indian SUV segment forever. This is one of the most high performing, powerful, rugged and feature packed SUVs that you can purchase and it has plenty of brand value as well. The Scorpio is the top pick amongst SUVs.

  • Used Mahindra XUV500 – In case you are looking for something a little more premium by way of SUVs, you can easily opt for the XUV500 which is one of the finest cars ever made by Mahindra & Mahindra in the country. The XUV500 promises truckloads of features, sophistication, power, punch and arresting road presence above all else.

  • Used Used Ford Endeavour – This is another SUV that you can check out if you want big and imposing exteriors, lavish interiors, great features and ample brand value. The Endeavour is a good car to own for those into really huge SUVs.

  • Used Mahindra Thar – In case you are really passionate about the great outdoors and don’t mind slugging it out a little, the Thar is the ideal SUV (jeep) for adventure enthusiasts. This is as rugged and basic as it gets but the thrill of owning this car is unbeatable!

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