Top 5 Used Hatchbacks to Buy in India


Top 5 Used Hatchbacks to Buy in India

Nowadays, a large number of people, especially the young ones buy second hand cars. There are two main reasons for this is the first is affordability and the second is to hone the driving skills. The hatchbacks are a good choice as far as used cars are concerned. There are good cars which can be purchased second hand.

Top 5 Used Hatchbacks

Hyundai 10

Hyundai i10 – This car is the highest selling hatchback of Hyundai. The car sports a stylish look with the hexagonal front grille and the headlights which are designed like hawk-eye render the aggressiveness to the exterior look. From the sides, the car has a tall-boy look, and it has a simple look at the rear.

The interiors are modern and stylish as well. The instrument cluster has a blue-lit background. The interior has a brownish get-up and the materials also look good and come along with a good music system. Being a 5 seater the car is spacious as well. The hatchback from Hyundai has got decent fuel efficiency for the city roads.
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Hyundai Eon

Hyundai Eon – This is an entry level hatchback from Hyundai motors. This car challenged the dominance of Maruti in the micro-hatchback segment. The exterior look of the car is very stylish with the typical fluidic touch of Hyundai. The hexagonal front grille and the headlamps look very trendy with all the detailing which has been done to them. There is a swaying line which flows to the A line from the front. From the sides, the fluidic design makes such an impact that the car appears to be in motion. The window line flows to the C-pillar from the headlights and the roof is tilted towards the spoiler at the back. The tail lamps are C-shaped look very stylish and are the best part of the Eons overall design.

Chevrolet Beat

Chevrolet Beat– This compact car from Chevrolet almost changed the definition of the hatchback. With its sporty and funky exteriors, it gave a new benchmark to hatchback styling. The grille has the famous bow-tie design of Chevrolet. A lot of detailing has been carried out in the reflectors of the headlights so that they give a good illumination. The rear door handle is positioned on the pillar and tries to give a unique two door look to the car.

The interior instrument cluster resembles that of a motor-cycle with a simple lay-out of buttons and knobs. The dash board is wavy an attractive. When it comes to fuel-efficiency this car is a star-performer.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Maruti Suzuki Swift – With the trust and the service of Maruti, this car has proved its mettle on the Indian roads and is a very good car to get a used one. It was launched in 2004 and is well known for the quality of its engine, low maintenance cost and excellent fuel efficiency. Though this is a hatchback the interior features bring the feel of sedan. The exterior is also stylish and trendy.
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Maruti Suzuki Alto

Maruti Suzuki Alto – This is an entry level hatchback with the trust and the service of Maruti. This is one of the best selling cars in India both in the new and the used car segment. Affordable price, fuel efficiency and smart looks push for a high demand of the car in all segments. The car has also got a very low maintenance cost and a high resale value.
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