Used Cars Under Rs. 3 Lakhs in Faridabad


Faridabad is one of the most populated cities in the state of Haryana and therefore the people are always looking for good car dealers now and then. Second hand cars have become very much popular among the people in recent years. This is because second hand cars come at a cheap and much lesser price than brand new counterparts. Therefore many people prefer to buy a second hand car before they set their hands on a brand new vehicle.

Majority of the people prefer to invest in a car nowadays, whether it is a first or second hand due to various reasons. The most important of all the reasons is because they want to travel in a more convenient and quick manner.

People do not want to stay stuck in long traffic jams and congested roads. Neither do they want to remain waited for a long time before any public transport can come. Therefore we have brought you the top 5 cars that you can buy under Rs. 3 lakhs in Faridabad. Keep reading to know more about them.

Best Cars You Can Buy in Faridabad

Faridabad is a very well populated zone and the need for a vehicle in this sector the state is imminent. People want to buy a car to commute to their preferred destination in a car with the basic and advanced features made available by the manufacturers. So here are the pre owned cars in Faridabad that you can buy under Rs.3 lakhs.

Chevrolet Sail

Chevrolet Sail

Chevrolet has made a great impact on the Indian automobile sector by releasing some amazing vehicles in the past few years. The Chevrolet Sail is one of the most imminent of them. It is a midsized sedan that looks subtle with the fluidic design that it has received.

The Sail has elongated headlamps and the dual chrome plated grille in the front which enhances the overall looks of the sedan. Even if you do not feel that it is the best corporate vehicle out there, it surely justifies the urban look it has got.

In the interior, the Sail has been finished with a black-beige tone that looks stunning. The seats and upholstery have been coloured with beige and the dashboard and steering column looks decent in the black tone.

The Sail has a very bright and easily visible speedometer that allows the driver to check the speed and other information very easily. It can achieve a top speed of 160kmh and reaches 0-100kmph in just 16 seconds. There are arm rests and cup holders for better convenient to the passengers. Here are some more features of the Chevy Sail.

> The Chevrolet Sail has been powered by a 1.3-litre 74bhp 16V SMARTECH Diesel Engine that produces 82 bhp at 6000 RPM of maximum power and a torque of 108NM at 5000 RPM. This is a decent engine that holds a brilliant potential for daily usage.

> 4-inline cylinders and 5-speed transmission box ensures a precise and efficient engine service in different road conditions.

> The Sail is 4249 mm in length and 1690 mm in width which is decent for a sedan.

> MacPherson Struts with Passive Twin-tube gas filled shock absorbers have been integrated into the front suspension and the back suspension has got the Torsion beam axle with passive Twin-tube gas filled shock absorbers.

> Passive Twin Tube Gas Filled suspension makes every ride comfortable and jerk-free.

> Centrally Mounter Fuel, Engine Immobilizer, Day Rear Mirror, Halogen Headlamps etc. increases the safety of the vehicle.

> The diesel variant of the engine provides 16 kmpl of mileage, whereas the diesel engine gives 20kmpl of mileage easily.

> Tubeless and radial tyres ensure brilliant control in most of the terrains that the vehicle is being driven through.

> Linen Beige, Caviar Black, Switch Blade Silver, Velvet Red, Summit White and Sand Drift Grey are the available colours for the Sail.

The Chevrolet Sail is undoubtedly an amazing sedan that is available under Rs.3 lakhs to the customers. You can contact your local car dealer to know more about the vehicle and get a brilliant deal out of your agreement. The different colours that are available for the Chevrolet Sail are also very unique and make it a great personalization for the users. It is one of the best used cars under 3 lakhs in Faridabad.

Maruti Suzuki SX4

Maruti Suzuki SX4

The Maruti Suzuki SX4 is another brilliant sedan that you will need to have a look at. The SX4 delivers a brilliant performance and mileage to the users. It has been integrated with some excellent features like the Central Locking, Power Door Locks, Child Safety Locks and Seat Belt Warning etc. which makes the car a safe and secured vehicle to ride in. Granite Grey, Serene Blue, Glistening Grey, Clear Beige, Silky Silver and Pearl Arctic White are the different colour variants available for the SX4.

The exterior of the SX4 is very much distinct and looks very clean. The chrome finish grille and Maruti Suzuki logo in the middle looks brilliant. The rear of the SX4 manages to look excellent with the trendy flat back-light and the smooth lines give a proper finish. The radiator grille with a honeycomb design in the SX4 looks appealing and ecstatic.

The SX4 cabin is very much distinct and eye-catching because it has been designed with precise tailoring and design that makes it even more comfortable to be in. The seats have the right amount of cushion and the armrests are also something to be happy about.

The SX4 is also available in a variant that has leather upholstery. The SX4, as you can see that has a lot of different features to make it worth the money. All these features together make it a top competitor in the used cars under 3 lakhs in Faridabad.

> The SX4 has an engine of 1.6-litre 103.2bhp 16V VVT Petrol that manages to pump out a power of 103.2bhp at 5600rpm at 1586cc of displacement. The ARAI mileage rating for the petrol variant of the SX4 stands at approximately at 16.51kmpl.

> Coming to the diesel variant, the SX4 has been powered by a 1.3-litre 88.73bhp 16V DDiS Diesel Engine which couples a maximum power of 88.73bhp at 4000rpm at 1248 engine displacement. 21.79 is the approximate mileage that the SX4 can deliver to the users.

> The front suspension system is controlled by an Independent Suspension with gas filled McPherson Strut and an Anti Roll Bar. On the rear, the semi Independent Torsion Beam which is also gas filled Shock Absorbers controls the car.

> Ventilated disc and drum brakes provide efficient and strong brakes on the SX4. Tilt Adjustable Steering gives better and smooth control as well. The braking is decent and not very disappointing by any means.

> 4500mm in length and 1735mm in width, the SX4 beats most of its competitors in the market with such impressive dimensions. The premium dimensions make it to look like the perfect urban drive in Faridabad.

So here are the important features of the Maruti Suzuki SX4 that will help you decide whether this vehicle suits your needs the best. The SX4 will be you perfect pre owned car in Faridabad because it can deliver an ecstatic mileage and unputdownable performance even after months of usage by the previous owner. In Faridabad there are several dealers who will help you get the best SX4 an amazing price.

Nissan Micra

Nissan Micra

Nissan has been revamping their presence in the Infian automobile industry since the past few years. This hatchback is compact and looks small in design than most its competitors. But do not get swayed by its small size. It has a myriad of amazing features that is going to impress you in a brilliant manner.

You will be delighted to use this vehicle in the urban roads because of it’s small size and 4.65m of turning radius. It consumes less space and therefore you will not have any problem with parking it anywhere you want. The Nissan Micra is the best hatchback that you can buy when you want a compact solution to your needs.

The Micra looks subtle and adorable in every sense. Nissan has spend lot of effort to make sure that the car, even though looks small does not becomes to compact for the people. The assembly line has done an amazing job in minimizing the panel gaps which gives the car a more delightful look. The headlamps and rear lights are also in a somewhat circular design. The Nissan Micra is available in Night Shade, Onyx Black, Blade Silver, Brick Red, Storm White and the Turquoise Blue.

Coming to the interiors, even though there is not much of storage space available in the Micra, the leg space is decent enough to help the passengers relax. The entire cabin has received a light beige colour that looks good considering that there is nothing much premium to show in the interior. Have a look at some more features of this exciting hatchback by Nissan that is undoubtedly one of the best used cars under 3 lakhs in Faridabad.

> 5-litre 1198cc three-cylinder petrol engine of the Nissan Micra delivers a maximum power of 76PS at 6000rpm. It delivers a fantastic mileage of 23.19 kmpl as rated by the ARAI.

> The 5-speed gearbox of the Nissan Micra gives a peppy and very responsive gear shift every time you drive the car.

> McPherson Strut and Torsion Stabiliser in the suspension systems provide better quality of steering and control of the vehicle.

> Ventilated and drum brake disks are provided to the front and rear braking systems respectively. The whole system is also powered by a 3-valve each cylinder setup rather than a 4-cylinder setup.

> Power Steering, Power Windows-Front, Power Windows provide more convenience to the passengers sitting inside the cabin.

> Anti-Lock Braking System, EBD, Parking Sensors, Central Locking systems are also present to make the Nissan Micra much more safer to drive even though it is small in size.

So as you can see that the Nissan Micra has a plethora of different features that assures the rider a safe and secured journey to their destination always. Along with a well tuned engine and suspension setup, the Micra will surely steal your glance if you are looking for a hatchback that is compact and will give you an excellent driving ability to the users in any condition they drive the car through.

Hyundai Eon

Hyundai EON

Hyundai Eon is one of the most popular hatchbacks that Hyundai has provided to the Indian consumers in the recent years. The Hyundai Eon looks much model and has sharp features on the exterior which makes it a good choice for those who are looking for a more sharp-looking hatchback in this segment.

The Hyundai Eon comes with temples boot space of 215 litres which is enough for 5 people to comfortably adjust in. Impact Sensing Auto Door Unlock, Child Safety Lock and the Engine Immobilizer make sure that you are getting the basic features at an affordable price of under Rs.3 lakhs. It is undoubtedly a brilliant pre owned cars in Faridabad.

The elongated headlamp in upfront and the chrome plated grille of the Hyundai Eon gives a striking effect to the overall appearance. The Hyundai Eon has received the excellent Fluidic design of their in-house design team which gives it an edge over the other competitors in the segment for example the Alto 800 or the company’s own older generation of i10.

The interiors of the Hyundai Eon have proved to be the biggest selling point of the entry level hatchback in the Indian market. That dual tone black-beige colour combination gives it a premium field even though the upholstery is not made up of leather. The steering wheel is thick and big enough to be held even with one hand and therefore you will have no issues in adjusting and driving the vehicle.

> The Eon is powered by a 1.0L Kappa Dual VTVT 3-cylinder Petrol Engine that is capable of delivering a maximum power of 68 bhp at 6200 rpm with 998cc of displacement. This petrol engine can provide with a fuel efficiency of 21.77 Kmpl.

> Another engine variant is also available with the Hyundai Eon i.e. the 0.8L IRDE 3-cylinders Petrol engine that produces 55 bhp at 5500 rpm of maximum power along with 814cc of displacement. The engine gives an enhanced mileage of 22.43 kmpl.

> The front suspension features the McPherson Strut and on the rear suspension, a Torsion Beam Axle provides maximum control to the driver. Therefore, you will have a better ability to drive the car in a better manner.

> Steel Wheels With Full Wheel Cap featuring tubeless 155/70 R13 tyres, the Hyundai Eon can efficiently drive through most of the terrain.

> Full Wheel Cap with steel wheels over the tubeless 155/70 R13 tyres, the Hyundai Eon can efficiently pass through most of the terrain you drive the vehicle through.

> Fuel and temperature gauge helps to get extra information about the different systems of the vehicle of the EON.

The Hyundai Eon gives a stiff competition to the other competitors in the segment like the Chevrolet Spark and Datsun Redi Go. However, its efficient mileage and comfortable ride, make it a great value for money hatchback than most of them if it suits your needs.

The Eon is truly one of the best used cars in Faridabad that you cannot choose to miss. Hyundai’s excellence in its customer service is another point to invest in this amazing hatchback.

Honda City

2011 Honda City

Honda is a brand which needs no introduction to the Indian consumers because it is one of the favourite brands when it comes to the automobile. Honda’s one of the most popular Sedan that has made them occupy one of the top spot in the automobile sector is the Honda City. This brilliant card looks corporate in every sense and you can drive anywhere you want to. Whether it is an urban street or a long journey, the Honda City will surely impress you in every sense.

The beige coloured interiors coupled with a black dashboard and steering column will surely snatch your attention. The elongated shape becomes sharp at the front looks dynamic and aggressive. The front grille looks impressive as well in every sense.

The cabin of the 2011 Honda City is very spacious which gives all the commuters good amount of spacey to sit and adjust. There is ample head space for even a person with 5’10 inches of height or more than that. The black-beige or all-black colour tone can be selected by the users themselves. The audio system can be controlled effectively by the stylish dashboard controls and the cruise controls of the City.

> The Honda City is powered by the new 1.5L i-VTEC Engine which has been capable of producing 120 PS at 6,600rpm of maximum power and 145Nm at 4,800rpm of torque.

> The engine has a displacement of 1497cc and 4-inline cylinders ensure that the power is distributed among in a balanced way.

> The engine not only delivers an impeccable power to the users but it also helps to conserve significant fuel as well. It gives out a mileage of 16.8kmpl – 17.0kmpl. However, the mileage is a little bit better in the highway conditions.

> The new air-fuel ratio control system uses oxygen to provide a much better and higher level of efficiency to the users in terms of power distribution.

> The fog lights and automatic headlamps are a brilliant way to drive safely in the winters.

> The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) also provides fluid and seamless gear shifts.

> The Honda City is 4420mm in length and 1695mm in width that makes it look spacious not only from the inside but enhances the exterior look of the car as well.

> McPherson Strut with Stabilizer and Coil Spring handles the front suspension. Whereas in the rear suspension, Honda has opted for Torsion Beam Axle with Stabilizer along with Coil Spring system.

> The 2011 City is available in these colour variants – Taffeta White, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Urban Titanium Metallic and the Carnelian Red Pearl.

If there is one vehicle that needs to be mentioned in the list of best used vehicles under Rs.3 lakhs, then it is the Honda City. You can contact a local dealer and ask them for a more closer look at this amazing sedan that is available in the market for a mind blowing price. Honda City is one of the most promising and feature rich vehicles that are available to Indian users within such an amazing price. So you would not want to miss this amazing vehicle at such a price.

Final Verdict – so here are the best used cars in Faridabad that you need to check on before purchasing one of them. All the vehicles come with excellent features and marvellous engineering that will give you a pleasurable ride in spite of being a pre-owned vehicle.

Most of the vehicles which have been listed in this article, even though they are second hand, have the capability to provide you with an exemplary driving experience Their versatility and service have no bounds till the time you maintain them in the best possible manner.

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