Used Cars Under Rs 2 Lakhs in Bangalore

Bangalore is a busy city and it can get extremely congested during peak hours. The city is vibrant and is creating multiple job opportunities, which is why the population of the city is also steadily on the rise.

Hence travelling around the city in public transportation is not always an option for fear of getting delayed and this is where the need to have a car of one’s own arises. However, at the same time, it is important to remember that new cars can be expensive and not everyone might be ready to make that kind of a financial commitment.

Some might also want a particular brand of car and might want to try it out at first, before buying a new version. In such cases, it is ideal to invest in a used car in Bangalore. There are a number of options to choose from and for those who are indeed on a tight budget, there are options to choose under Rs 2 lakhs as well. Most of the car brands today have excellent automobile after sales services, and that makes it possible for a used car owner to care and maintain for their car with ease. Here are some of the options that one can choose from:

Fait Palio Stile

Fiat Palio Stile

Fiat is one of the highest selling car brands across the world and this is because their cars are made keeping in mind certain needs and factors of the buyers. All their cars come with some USP of a kind, which is what sets them apart from any other car. Fiat has been around for quite some time now and the brand is synonymous with some of the best models and makes of the car.

The Fiat Palio is a wonderful car that is fast acquiring the trust of the customers. The acceleration and pick up of the car is quite good, considering that it is being touted as a family car. The exteriors have also been designed with a lot of craftsmanship.

The best part is of course, the very advanced disk braking mechanism which provides optimum security and safety to those who are inside. The seating arrangements have been made to accommodate conversations on a long drive and have been done up quite stylishly. And the reason why it has got most drivers excited is that in spite of high power output, it still manages to have a very good fuel economy. Those who are looking for pre- owned cars in Bangalore are sure to love this car.

> The Fiat Palio has a city mileage of 11.9 kmpl and ARAI mileage of 15.5 kmpl. The 1L 57bhp 4 cyl. FIRE petrol engine has a displacement of 1108 CC, 1248 CC and 1596 cc across the three petrol variants. The diesel variant, on the other hand, has displacement of 1248 cc.

> The petrol variant has max power of 57 @ 5,250 PS@rpm and max torque of 9.4 @ 2,750 (kgm@rpm). The five seater hatchback has cargo volume of 270 liters. The car comes with 4 cylinders, with 2 valves per cylinder and with SOHC valve configuration.

> It has MPFI fuel system and comes with a 5 speed gear box which would help with perfect control. The car has hydraulic clutch. The car has a top speed of 137 kmph and reaches the 100 kmph at 20.5 seconds.

> The drag coefficient is 0.33 C and with a fuel tank capacity of 47 liters, long journeys cease to be a problem. The car comes with McPherson Strut front suspension and has Torsion Axle rear suspension.

> The power steering has a collapsible steering column. The car has a ground clearance of 170 mm. The car comes with a number of other interesting features like low fuel warning light, remote fuel lid opener among others.

> The interiors have beautiful fabric upholstery and the car has an AC. In the exteriors, the car comes with adjustable headlights and with wheel covers. Standard safety features like child safety locks are present and the car has halogen headlamps.

> Both front and side impact beams are present to protect the passengers in case of a collision. Overall, it is a strong and sturdy that will fulfill all the basic expectations of the car owners.

Hyundai Getz

Hyundai Getz GLS

Hyundai has made great cars in the past and they continue to come up with one fascinating model after another. The best thing about the brand is that they always reinvent and they have cars for the high end market as well as for the budget segment.

The cars are fitted with the latest technology and they also come with a range of after sales services, which make the cars a pleasure to own and drive in. Those who are looking for second hand cars in Bangalore are sure to get multiple options in Getz.

The Hyundai Getz is a much loved family car and the hatchback has had a very successful running in the country. Those who wanted to a small and efficient car found the perfect fit in Getz and even the used version can be a very good.

The Getz is one of the best cars that has fast made its way to the top of the ratings. The pricing of the car is very reasonable for all the various kinds of features that are offered. The seating arrangements have been done very intelligently and they are plush and comfortable.

The instrument panel is a real treat and has quite a few indicators to facilitate driving. The cabin is itself quite spacious and can comfortably seat the entire family. The comfort section deserves special mention as well. The performance of the engine is also quite commendable, with decent acceleration.

> The Hyundai Getz comes with one petrol variant and it has a displacement of 1341 CC. The city mileage of the car is 10.3 kmpl while the ARAI mileage of the car is 15.3 kmpl.

> The car has a maximum power of 83 PS @ 5500 rpm and maximum torque of 115 Nm @ 3200 rpm. The 5 seater hatchback has manual transmission but does not have much of cargo space.

> The In-Line Engine comes with 4 cylinders and each cylinder has 3 valves, and it comes with SOHC valve configuration. The car has maximum power of 83 PS @ 5500 rpm and has maximum torque of 115 Nm @ 3200 rpm.

> The compression ratio of 10:1 and the 5 speed gear box helps with providing the necessary control to the car.

> The car has a fuel capacity of 45 liters and that provides quite a fuel back up for long drives. The car reaches a top speed of 166 kmph and reaches the 100 kmph mark at 14.7 seconds.

> The front suspension is Independent MacPherson struts with coil springs, while the rear suspension is Coupled torsion beam axle with Gas Filled Shock Absorbers. The wheels have a 5 meter turning radius.

> The power steering has a Rack and Pinion gear. The car has an unladen ground clearance of 160 mm. Other features of the cars include power windows in the front and rear, remote fuel lid opener, remote trunk opener and low fuel warning light.

> The rear reading lamp is an added plus. The car comes with both an AC and a heater. Adjustable headlights are present in the exteriors and the car is equipped with fog lights in the front and both rear window wiper as well as rear window defogger.

> Almost all the standard safety features are in place like Anti Lock Braking System, EBD, and Central Locking. Child safety locks are also present, along with door ajar warning.

> Both front and side impact beams are present for added safety. In terms of entertainment, the car comes with a radio and a cassette player.

Maruti Suzuki Esteem

Maruti Suzuki Esteem

Maruti Esteem was a path breaking car of sorts because when it came into the Indian market, it immediately made the sedan appear more accessible. Usually the ambassador or the Maruti 800 were the standard cars in the garage of the Indians.

The Esteem was a huge draw and almost everyone had been upgrading their car to an Esteem. There are many used versions of the car around and those who looking for second hand cars in Bangalore will easily find an option.

The Esteem has one petrol, one diesel and a CNG variant on offer. The diesel variant has a displacement of 1527 cc and a petrol variant, as well as the CNG variant has a displacement of 1298 cc.

The five seater sedan car has stunning good looks and it is one of the highest in demand in the Indian market, really breaking into the scene more than a decade back with its sleek body.

> The Esteem has an ARAI mileage of 15.9 kmpl and a city mileage of 10.2 kmpl. The engine has a displacement of 1298 cc and it has max power of 85 PS @ 6000 rpm and max torque of 110 Nm @ 4500 rpm.

> The 4 stroke, Water-cooled with 32-Bit Electronic Control Module (ECM) has manual transmission.

> The car 4 cylinders with 4 valves per cylinders and comes with SOHC valve configuration. The compression ratio of 9:01 and a 5 speed gear box will provide optimum control to the driver.

> The Esteem has a top speed of 164 kmph and reaches the 100 kmph mark at 13.1 second. The fuel tank capacity of 40 liters adds a lot of back up while driving long distance. The front suspension of the car is a McPherson strut and coil spring and with a coil spring rear suspension.

> The power steering has a rack and pinion model and the car has a ground clearance of 170 mm. The car comes with beautifully upholstered seats in the interiors. The higher priced variants of the car come with an AC.

> The headlights are quite attractive and the rear end of the car has been given a facelift. The Esteem does not have a lot of boot space and modern safety features have also not been installed in the car as such.

Tata Nano

Tata Nano

Tata Motors has been one of the most respected names in India and Tata cars have been made especially for the Indian roads because no one understands them better.

Tata has been committed to making some of the best cars and it was them who first came up with the idea of making a car under Rs 1 lakh. For a car whose claim to fame is that it is the cheapest car in the world, many people had stopped buying the Tata Nano quite some time back for fear of being labeled as someone without adequate means of buying a proper car.

However, after quite a few remodelling, the Tata Nano is not the Rs 1 lakh car anymore. The car comes with its own share of advantages and those who need a small and compact car to get around the city, will find this to be a perfect choice. Those who are looking for used cars under Rs 2 lakhs will love this car.

.> The Tata Nano has one petrol variant and one CNG variant on offer and the former has an ARAI mileage of 23.9 kmpl. Both the engines have a displacement of 624 cc. The max power of the car is 48bhp@ 5500rpm and the max torque of the car stands at 51Nm@4000rpm.

> The 0.6-litre 37.5bhp 4V Petrol Engine has manual transmission. It is a 4 seater car and it has a cargo volume of 110 liters. The car has 2 cylinders and comes with 2 valves per cylinder and has SOHC valve configuration.

>There is no turbo charger but the car has MPFI fuel supply system and has a compression ratio of 10.3:1. It has a 4 speed gear box with RWD drive type and this gives a lot of control to the driver.

>The car has a top speed of 105 kmph and reaches the 100 km mark at 12.6 seconds. The 24 liters fuel tank capacity is moderate and is good for moderate distances. The car comes with McPherson Struts front suspension and with coil spring rear suspension.

>There are gas filled shock absorbers as well. The turning radius of the car is 4.0 meters. The car has an unladen ground clearance of 180 mm and comes with tubeless tyres. The car comes with low fuel warning light and there is also an accessory power outlet.

> Bench folding rear seats are present and some other features are Driver Side Sunvisor, Passenger Side Sunvisor with Vanity Mirror, and Driver Seat with Slider, Passenger Side Seat with Slider and Front and Rear Assist Grips.

> The car comes with power steering and there are power windows in the front too. Fog lights in the front are present and the car comes with wheel covers and is also fitted with an AC as well as a heater.

> The fabric upholstery is quite good for the interiors as well. A digital odometer is present along with Fule Gauge, Cabin Lamp, Steering Wheel 3 Spoke Tata Signature Steering Wheel, Driver Information Display and Dual Glove Boxes.

> In the exteriors, the car comes with tinted glass and rear spoiler and adjustable headlights are also present. The car is also equipped with a CD player and there are speakers both in the front and rear with surround sound.

> There is also a radio in the car and there is Bluetooth connectivity. In terms of connectivity, power door locks are present as well as child safety locks. Halogen headlamps improve visibility and keyless entry is allowed.

> Both front and side impact beams are present. There is also a centrally mounted fuel tank. Additional safety features include Booster Assisted Brakes, Front Seat Belt, Additional Body Reinforcements, Impact Cushioning Crumple Zones and Hazard Warning Switch among others.

Hyundai Santro Xing

Hyundai Santro Xing

Hyundai cars have been around for a long time because of the commitment to excellence that the car brand had made. The brand uses the best technology that one can think of and yet their cars have always been affordable for the most part.

Most families with a budget who would like to have a topmost car of their choice opt for a Hyundai because they have a number of features at a particular price point that most cars do not. They also come with superb customer service which is why it is easy to care for the used cars as well. Those who are looking for used cars in Bangalore can definitely benefit from buying a Hyundai.

The Santro Xing comes with a host of exciting features and the hatchback model had received quite a makeover. The car comes with advanced features and the style and design have been significantly upgraded.

The Santro Xing is a perfect family car which is spacious and compact at the same time and is sure to be a valuable addition to the family even in its used state.

> The Hyundai Santro comes in a petrol variant and in a CNG variant. Both the variants have a displacement of 1086 cc. The car comes in both manual and automatic transmission.

> The ARAI mileage of the CNG variant is 34.38 km/ kg which makes it one of the most fuel efficient cars on the Indian roads today. The car has max power of 58bhp@5500rpm and maximum torque of 84.33Nm@4500 rpm.

> The 1.1 litre 58bhp 4-cylinder Petrol Engine comes with manual transmission. The five seater hatchback comes with a cargo hold of 235 liters. There are 4 cylinders with four valves in each cylinder and there is DOHC valve configuration.

> The 5 speed gear box provides optimum control to the car. The fuel tank capacity of 60 liters gas makes it one of the most fuel efficient cars around. The front suspension has Mcpherson Strut while the rear suspension has Coupled Torsion Beam Axle.

> The gas type shock absorbers results in smooth ride. The tyres are tubeless and radial. The car comes with power steering and there are power windows in the front as well as in the rear.

> Other features include remote fuel lid opener, accessory power outlet and low fuel warning light. Rear AC vents are available and the car comes with Voice Control and a Navigation System.

> Some other features in the interiors are Steering Wheel Mounted Audio, Steering Wheel Mounted Bluetooth and ECO Coating Technology. The car comes with both an AC and a heater. Tachometer and electric- trip meter are standard instalments.

> One can also enjoy the benefits of a Service Reminder Time Elapsed and 6.35 cm Advanced Multi Information Display. There are fog lights in the front and rear window defogger. Smoke headlamps are also available and there is an integrated antenna.

> A host of safety features come with the car. Standard safety features like an lock braking system, EBD and central locking are available. Child safety locks and seat belt warning are available.

> Halogen headlamps are installed for better vision and there is door ajar warning as well. Both front and side impact beams have been installed. Keyless entry is also permitted.

>Engine check warning and crash sensors provide advanced security on road. There is a centrally mounted fuel tank and Anti-theft device keeps the car safe. The engine immobilizer is also in place.

Hence, if you are looking for a used car in Bangalore under the Rs 2 lakh mark, these are the cars that will stand you in good stead. You could. however, enrol a mechanic to determine the condition of the car before you invest in it and make it a part of your family.

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