Top 5 Used Cars Under Rs. 3 Lakhs In Noida

There is a good deal of demand for used cars in India. After all, depending on public transport can prove to be a serious issue if one takes into account the traffic congestion in most major Indian cities during peak hours, and often the unavailability of public transport when one needs it the most. Add to that the fact if one resides in an out of the way locality where it is imperative that one has transportation of one’s own.

However, not everyone can always afford a brand new car and sometimes it makes sense to buy a used model if one is unable to invest in a new car immediately. It also gives the user an opportunity to try out the model before one opts for an upgraded version of the new car.

Noida is a busy region and one can find a number of used cars alongside the old ones here. Here are the top five used cars that one can get in Noida under Rs 3 lakhs when they have been on the roads for a few years.

The cars mostly cost around Rs. 4 Lakhs to 6 Lakhs when they are new, but they could come around Rs 3 lakhs and below once they have been used for a few years, which is why pre owned cars in noida are quite common.

Used Cars Under Rs.3 Lakhs

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Maruti has always been a household name in India for those who possess cars and in a way, it paved the way for middle-class Indian families to have cars of their own in the 80s.

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Maruti Suzuki Baleno 2015-2019

The trend they started was then taken up by a number of other car brands but in a way, Maruti remains a forerunner when it comes to family cars in India. It is a most trusted name and hence those who are looking for pre owned cars for sale in noida could easily opt for a Maruti which will provide great service even if it is a used car, albeit well maintained.

The Maruti Baleno is one of a kind car that has been much loved by the Indian customers. The engine is quite competent and the car has very good fuel economy as well.  The mileage of the diesel engine is especially noteworthy as it gives more than 25 kilometres and the petrol more than 17 kilometres.

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The five-seater utility vehicle is indeed great for those long rides and the car is splendid for long drives. The Maruti experience is taken further because of the brilliant after sales services as well and that makes it very easy for the customers to care and maintain the car.

  1. The Baleno has a number of notable features. It is available in diesel as well as in petrol variants. The diesel variant has a displacement of 1248 CC and the petrol engine is 1197 CC.
  2. The cars are available with both manual as well as automatic transmission. Depending on the variant that one opts for, one can enjoy a mileage between 21.2 kmpl and 27.39 kmpl. The ARAI mileage of the petrol variant is 21.4 kmpl.
  3. The Max Power of the car is 1bhp@ 6000rpm and the Max Torque is 115Nm@ 4000rpm.
  4. It has a 1.2-litre 83.1bhp 16V VVT Petrol Engine and the car has a cargo volume of 339 litres. The car is fitted with DOHC valve configuration.
  5. There are 4 cylinders and there are four valves per cylinder. There is a 5 Speed gearbox and MPFI fuel supply system.
  6. The car can reach a top speed of a whopping 180 kmph and can reach the 200 kmph mark in 12. 36 seconds. The car is fitted with a number of other features like the multi-function steering wheel, anti-locking braking system, automatic climate control, driver as well as passenger airbag.
  7. The car comes with MacPherson Strut front suspension and Torsion beam rear suspension. The Rack and Pinion Steering gear deserves mention, along with the tilt steering column. There is a turning radius of 4.9 meters.
  8. The car has a ground clearance of 170 mm and a kerb weight of 870 kg. The tyres are radial and tubeless. The car is quite high on the security features and comes equipped with EBD, rear parking sensors, central locking, power door locks, anti theft alarm and seat belt warning.
  9. The pretensions and the force limiter seat belts are one of a kind, along with the ISOFIX child seat mounts. Crash sensor, engine check warning and engine immobilizer are also present.
  10. Advance safety features like Dual Horn, Headlamp Leveling, Child Seat Tether Anchorages, Pedestrian Protection are also present.

Datsun Go Plus

Datsun has always been a favourite amongst youngsters and not without a reason. Datsun cars are high on exterior design, with special attention given to the details.

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Datsun Go Plus
Datsun Go Plus

Be it the number of attractive colours they are available in or the stylish features they come loaded with, Datsun cars are always ready to take the road and can traverse pretty difficult terrain to an extent.

Here are some of the features the Datsun Go Plus boasts of, and even a used variant of the car would make a good deal.

The Datsun Go is an extremely stylish and compact car and it is especially great for first timers who are upgrading from the scooter or bike to a car. It is great for learning to drive because the steering is really light, and that makes it so much easier to drive in the constricted urban cityscape.

For the very same reason, you will probably find it easier to park a Datsun GO than any other car because the compact proportions can help you to fit in anywhere.

The efficiency is quite good, and the mileage is a decent 25.17 kmpl. Those graduating from a scooter or a bike will find that it just suits them perfectly, both in terms of budget and ease of driving.

  1. The Datsun Go Plus has an ARAI mileage of 19.83 kmpl and it has an engine displacement of 1198 CC.
  2. The car has a Max Power of 67bhp@5000rpm and yields a Max Torque of 104Nm@4000rpm.
  3. The engine is one of the best and is a 1.2-litre 67bhp 12V In Line Petrol Engine and it is a HR 12 DE Engine.
  4. The car has a cargo volume of 347 liters. The car has manual transmission. Because it is a 7 seater car, it is also one of the best family cars out there and is perfect for the Indian family who loves to travel together.
  5. The car has DOHC valve configuration with 3 cylinders and there are 4 valves per cylinder. The car has an EFI Fuel Supply system, FWD Drive Type and a 5 Speed Gear Box.
  6. The Datsun Go Plus boasts of a number of other additional features like Power adjustable exterior rear view mirror, anti lock braking system, driver airbag as well as passenger airbag, power steering, touch screen, alloy wheels, power front windows and air conditioner.
  7. The Datsun Go Plus has a top speed of 145 kmph and reaches the 100 kmph mark at 14.2 seconds. The total fuel tank capacity is 35 liters.
  8. The car has a 4.6 meters turning radius. The front brake types are disc types while the rear brakes are drum types. The front suspension is MacPherson Strut while the rear suspension is Twist Beam.
  9. Quite a few safety features have been included in the car like Anti- Lock Braking System, EBD, Rear Parking Sensors, Central Locking, Brake Assist, Power Door Locks, Child Safety Locks, keyless entry, crash sensor, engine immobilizer, engine check warning, front impact beam, centrally mounted fuel tank and Follow Me Home Headlamps. The car also has an Anti- Theft Device.
  10. The car comes equipped with a radio, front speakers, Bluetooth Connectivity, touch screen, USB and Auxillary Input as well.

Chevrolet Enjoy

Owning a Chevy is a dream come true for many and hence Chevrolet cars are always in demand. The Chevrolet brand is highly recommended and over the years they have presented the buyers with one grand car after another.

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Chevrolet Enjoy
Chevrolet Enjoy

The cars are all unique in their own ways and come with their own USPs. Those who are looking for used cars under 3 lakhs in noida will definitely get a number of Chevrolet options and they will last a fair number of years if the car gets its regular dose of maintenance and care.

The Chevrolet brand has become a name to be reckoned with as far as family cars are concerned and the Enjoy is no different. The interiors have been tastefully done up and also upgraded.

The advanced music system is a real treat and the surround sound encompasses the whole car. The car is customized to a certain extent and a lot of things can be adjusted according to one’s requirements. The car is, of course, available in a number of colour options as well and that makes it a great buy for a family car.

Those who are thinking of owning their first car will find that the Enjoy fits most of their needs. The availability of lots of storage space is a definite advantage, especially for those long drives.

The safety features are quite enhanced and quite a few aspects have been upgraded as well.

  1. The Chevrolet Enjoy comes in both diesel and petrol variants. The former has a 1248 CC displacement while the latter has a 1399 CC displacement. The diesel version has quite a strong engine and can take on the highways with ease. Long drives are sure to become a lot easier with the car.
  2. Depending on the variant one has opted for, the car has a mileage of 13.7 to 18.2 kmpl. In the petrol version, the car has an ARAI mileage of 13.7 kmpl. The car has a Max Power of 79bhp@6000rpm and the car has a Max Torque of 131Nm@4400rpm.
  3. The car is a 7 seater and makes for the perfect family companion, with a cargo volume of 195 litres. The car engine is a 1.4-litre 98.79bhp 16V SMARTECH Petrol Engine and comes with manual transmission.
  4. The car has DOHC valve configuration and there are 4 cylinders the car, with 4 valves per cylinder. There is an MPFI fuel supply system and a 5 Speed Gear Box.
  5. The car reaches a top speed of 175 kmph and reaches the 100 kmph mark in 14 seconds. The fuel tank capacity is 50 litres and hence can last quite a few days.
  6. The car has a turning radius of 5.5 meters and has Twin Tube Gas filled Shock Absorbers. There is an unladen ground clearance of 165 mm.
  7. The car also has power steering. The front suspension is McPherson Strut and the rear suspension is Multi-Link.
  8. A number of safety features have been added to the car like central locking system, child safety locks, rear seat belts, halogen lamps, seat belt warning, front and side impact beams, door ajar warning and there is also the centrally mounted fuel tank.
  9. The car has rear reading lights, remote fuel lid opener and low fuel warning lights.

Mahindra Thar

The house of Mahindra has produced some spectacular cars over the years. One of the most competitive Indian car makers, Mahindra has always made cars that can take on any foreign brand with ease.

Mahindra Thar
Mahindra Thar

The brand has a thorough understanding of the Indian roads and can give any foreign luxurious brand a run for its money as far as performance is concerned. Mahindra cars are always made with extra care to detailing and the cars boast of sturdy exteriors.

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The brand is particularly a winner when it comes to tough cars like the jeep and the SUVs and they provide a number of benefits. Those who are looking for second hand cars under 3 lakhs in noida, especially jeeps and SUVs will benefit from a Mahindra.

The Mahindra Thar is one of the best off-road cars on the road today and in the Indian market, it has been known to have a lot of takers. The off-road capabilities of the car are remarkable indeed and the CRD variant is indeed outstanding in its performance.

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The initial cost of ownership is manageable enough and the after-sales service is also very good. The car is definitely suited for Indian roads and the buyers will not find much to complain about.

  1. The Thar has 2 diesel engine variants on offer. One engine has a capacity of 2523 CC while the other has a capacity of 2498 CC.
  2. The vehicles come with manual transmission. Depending on the variant one has opted for, one can enjoy a mileage of 16.55 to 18.06 kmpl. The car has a Max Power of 63bhp@3200rpm and has Max Torque of 195Nm@1400-2200rpm.
  3. The car boasts of a 2.6-litre 63bhp 16V MDI 3200TC Engine. As a seven-seater car, it can accommodate quite a few people.
  4. The vehicle has the manual transmission and has a cargo capacity of 384 litres. The car comes with wheel covers and power steering. The car comes with four cylinders and comes with four valves per cylinder.
  5. There is a Direct Injection Fuel Supply System and comes with the turbocharger. The 5 speed gearbox helps with optimum speed control. The car has a top speed of 150 kmpl and can reach the 100 kmph mark in 11 seconds flats.
  6. The fuel tank has room for 45 litres of fuel. Both the front and the rear suspension have Semi Elliptical Leaf Spring.
  7. The turning radius of the car is 6.28 meters and the car also comes with power steering. The car has an unladen ground clearance of 187 mm and also has tubeless tyres.
  8. There are bench folding rear seats as well. The car has front and side impact beams and also has a centrally mounted fuel tank.
  9. The rear seats are foldable with a bench folding capacity. The jeep styled vehicle has three doors, two on either side and one at the rear.
  10. The Thar comes in a blackish red color variant and suits the personality of those who like to possess tough looking vehicles that are ready to take on the road in difficult conditions.

Maruti Suzuki Ritz

The house of Maruti has given India the first of its many small sized family cars and it has always lived up to the expectations of the buyers. The cars have stood the test of time and have always managed to deliver what they had promised. Maruti Cars have evolved with the modern Indian family.

Maruti Suzuki Ritz
Maruti Suzuki Ritz
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The cars are spectacular and yet most of them are within the budget of the average Indian middle class family. Those who still want to own a car at a lower price could opt for a used car and contact second hand car dealers in noida.

This region is growing rapidly and many of whom who reside here want to have cars of their own because they do not want to undergo the hassle of availing public transport during peak hours.

The Maruti Ritz has perfectly blended the gap between functionality and stylishness and it is indeed quite appealing to look at. The mileage of the diesel variant is indeed quite impressive and the cabin is very spacious for the entire extra luggage that one might want to carry with them.

The car has quite a few safety features in place and there is a very efficient braking system as well. There are a host of comfort features to look forward to and one can easily enjoy very comfortable and luxurious rides with the whole family. Available in a number of attractive colours, the car is a joy to possess.

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  1. The Maruti Ritz is a compact, hatchback car and comes with a number of features. The car is available in both petrol and diesel variants.
  2. The diesel engine has 1248 CC displacement while the petrol variant has 1197 CC displacement. Depending on the variant and the fuel one is opting for, the users can enjoy a mileage between 17.16 kmpl and 23.2 kmpl.
  3. The ARAI mileage of the petrol variant is 18.5 kmpl. It is a five-seater car and is perfect for a small family.
  4. The Max Power of the car is 80bhp@6000rpm while the car has a Maximum Torque of 114Nm@4000rpm. It comes with a 1.2-litre 85.80bhp 16V K Series Petrol Engine and the car has a manual transmission.
  5. The cargo volume is 236 litres and the car has power steering as well. The car has been fitted with DOHC valve configuration and there are 4 cylinders with 4 valves in each.
  6. The MPFI Fuel Supply system and the 5-speed gearbox makes the car smooth on the roads. The car can reach a top speed of 156 kmph and can reach the 100 kmph mark in 15 seconds. The fuel tank capacity is of 43 litres.
  7. The car has coil spring shock absorbers and the front suspension of the car is MacPherson Strut while the rear suspension is Torsion Beam type. The turning radius is 4.7 meters and the front brakes are ventilated disc types. The
  8. car has an unladen ground clearance of 170 mm and has a kerb weight of 1005 kg. The tyres are tubeless and radial. The car has additional features like remote fuel lid opener, accessory power outlet, remote trunk opener.
  9. The car comes with central locking, child safety locks, anti-theft alarms and anti-theft device. The car has front and side impact beams and also has engine immobilizer.

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