Top 5 Used Cars Under Rs. 3 Lakhs in Gurgaon


The demand for used cars in India has increased by a significant margin in the past few years. More people are now interested to buy second hand cars because they are nowadays certified and many registered agencies have come up who provide with excellent quality used cars.

Owning a vehicle brings more convenience to your life because it becomes much easier to travel and work at a faster rate. You can efficiently reach your destination and save time by not having to depend on public transport. There are several options when it comes to choosing used cars under 3 lakhs in Gurgaon. In this blog, we will be discussing the same.

If you look closely you will come across several benefits of used cars in the current market. You will have to pay a significantly larger amount of money that a first-hand car requires you to pay.

Generally, people purchase a used car when they want to save money or do not have the budget to buy a brand new car. Gurgaon is a busy hub with several dealers providing you with the option to buy different used cars at the various price range.

Therefore, if you are a resident of Gurgaon and want to purchase a used car under Rs.3 lakhs, then this blog will surely help you the most. This is because we are going to discuss the top 5 used cars in Gurgaon available to you. Keep reading!

Top 5 Used Cars to Buy in Gurgaon

Used cars are nowadays much safer and trustworthy than before. Most of them are very often certified and checked to make sure they are in top condition. That is the reason why the demand and market of used cars in gurgaon, has increased so much in the past few years. Here are the top 5 used cars you can buy under Rs.3 lakhs.

Renault Kwid

Renault is one of the most reputed 4-wheeler manufacturers in India. Renault has done a decent job in launching some brilliant budget-friendly cars in the past few years. Renault Kwid is surely one of them and it has thousands of models running on the Indian roads.

Renault Kwid - Best Used Car Under 3 Lakh in Gurgaon
Renault Kwid
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With the launch of Kwid people got another option in the not so crowded ‘Under Rs.3 lakh’ segment that is mostly dominated by the Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, Wagon R and the Datsun Redi Go. The French automobile manufacturer has made a mark by launching the Kwid for the Indian consumers.

Renault Kwid is available in seven different variants. Some of which include the Std, RxE, RxT, RxL 1.0, RxT 1.0, RxL AMT and Climber. All these variants come with different features which sets them apart from one another. Available in two different engine variants and it also offers the users with the automatic and manual transmission.

The Kwid comes in different colour options and some of them are Moonlight Silver, Planet Grey, Outback Bronze and Ice Cool White. On the front, the stylish fog lamps and contemporary dual black finish grille looks ideal. The Kwid is significantly more attractive because of its high ground clearance and a stunning crossover look.

Renault Kwid Features and Engine Specs

> The Kwid comes in two different engine variants – 800cc and the 1000c but both of these engines run on petrol and do not offer any diesel support.

> The DOHC 800cc Engine is 3-cylinder petrol that produces 53.2bhp at a maximum power of 5,678rpm. On the other hand, the DOHC 1000cc engine comes with 3-cylinder 67bhp at 5,500rpm.

> The engine has been coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission that is easy and smooth.

> The Renault Kwid features the “All-aluminium super compact engine” which is not only compact but also fuel efficient at the same time.

> Now coming to the mileage, the 800cc Engine gives a better mileage of 25.2kmpl whereas the 1000cc can deliver a mileage of 24.08kmpl.

> The Kwid has a length of 3679mm and width of 1579mm and comes with 300 litres of boot space which is significantly larger than other competitors.

> The Kwid can reach a speed of 0-100kmph at only 16.2 seconds and you can easily reach a top speed of 131kmphr.

> Child Locks, Dual Airbags and Euro NCAP rating are some of the most important safety features which are available with the Renault Kwid.

> On the interior, the users get a full black tone finish which looks stunning and the seats have an ample cushioning as well. The dashboard gets a plastic makeover but looks premium nonetheless.

Renault Kwid is surely one of the best used cars under 3 lakhs in gurgaon. The Kwid comes with essential features that are available with different variants of the vehicle. The interiors are comfortable and the exterior has received an excellent finish that makes it ideal for daily commutation.

Renault’s service and customer service is also extensive, therefore you can get the best possible help.

Datsun Redi GO

Datsun Redi GO is surely one of the most affordable and promising four wheelers under the Rs.3 lakhs segment. Datsun has already sold more than 20,00+ and with the demand of the Indian consumers to get hands on an affordable compact hatchback, Datsun will not stop the production of the Kwid.

Datsun Redi Go - Best Used Car Under 3 Lakh in Gurgaon
Datsun Redi Go
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The sharp features and sophisticated look of the Redi Go can surely grab your attention the moment you have a look at it. There are several dealers who deal with used Datsun Redi Go.

The Datusn Redi Go is available in different variants which are available to the Indian consumers and they include – ride-GO D, red-GO A, red-GO T, ride-GO T (O) and the ride-GO S. The car is also available in an AMT version that brings the automatic-manual transmission ability to the users for a more convenient ride. Inside the cabin, the Redi Go is clean and looks premium.

Even though the car looks compact from the outside, users will be surprised to see the room available for all the passengers. From the outside, the Redi Go manages to look like a mini-crossover with an aggressive face styling and the LED DRLs gives it a comprehensive look. If you want a hatchback with an appealing look and spacious feel then the Redi Go is the best option you have under Rs.3 lakhs.

Datsun Redi Go Features and Engine Specs

> 800cc, 3-cylinder, DOHC petrol engine churns out 53.2 BHP at 5678 RPM that is coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission. There is also a second engine variant of 999cc that delivers a torque of 91NM.

> On the fuel efficiency score, the Redi Go can perform really well by delivering a mileage of 18.2kmpl in the city roads and 23kmpl on the highway. So that’s a great value for money service that the car can provide you with.

> White, Ruby Red, Silver, Lime and Bronze Grey are some of the colour options that are available to the users to choose from.

> The Redi Go also comes with some important safety features like the parking sensors and lane assist which makes the overall driving experience more convenient and safe.

> Drivers can switch between different modes while driving the car. The Smart Drive feature allows you to drive the car according to the situation you are in. If you are in a crowded urban road then switching to the Rush Hour Mode will allow you to stable speed between 5-6kmph for better fuel efficiency.

> Datsun Redi GO comes with a ground clearance of 185mm that is significantly higher than other competitors. The length and width of the car stand at 3429mm and 1560mm respectively.

Datsun Redi GO is one of the best second hand cars in Gurgaon that you can choose to buy under Rs.3 lakhs. The Redi Go provides several features to the users which we have mentioned above, all of that together collaborates to provide an excellent driving experience.

However, the most highlighting part is the fuel economy and different variants which are available.

Tata Bolt

Tata, currently Asia’s largest and India’s most trusted car manufacturer which has been providing the Indian consumers with several efficient vehicles. The Tata Bolt, launched in 2015 has been a decent upgrade for those who have been using the older generations of the Tata hatchbacks.

Tata Bolt - Best Used Cars under 3 Lakhs in Gurgaon
Tata Bolt
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The Tata Bolt looks much more premium and sportier than the Tata Indica and other vehicles in the Indian roads. The Bolt managed to gather significant sales and people have been particularly happy with its service.

Tata Bolt manages to stand out when compared to many of its competitors in the market because of its face-lift and improved LED DRLs. It looks fresh and much more sophisticated than the older generation of Tata vehicles. When you check the interior, you will be amazed to see the level of improvement that Tata has made in the Bolt.

Revamped plastic and fabric upholstery with comfortable seats make sure that the passengers are getting maximum comfort while sitting in this hatchback. You’ll be delighted to see the ConnectNext touchscreen system that will provide you with recreational facilities. However, it is available in the top variants of the vehicle. Additionally, all the variants come with air-conditioning and power windows.

Tata Bolt Features and Engine Specs

> All the Bolt models come with the same Petrol engine variant that is the 1.2-litre turbocharged Revtron 4-cylinder Petrol engine which is capable of churning 140NM of torque and is rated at 66 kW.

> The users can also choose the diesel engine variant which is the 1.3-litre Quadrajet Unit that delivers 190NM of torque.

> Both the petrol and diesel engine units have been coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission.

> The top speed of the Tata Bolt is 160kph and the engine is capable of taking the car from a speed of 0-100 in just 11.5 seconds.

> The Tata Bolt is available in four different variants which are the – XE, XM, XMS and XT.

> The Petrol unit of the Tata Bolt is capable of giving a fuel efficiency of 17.4kmpl and the diesel variant, as expected, gives a better mileage of 22.93kmpl.

> When it comes to safety features, the Tata Bolt beats most of its competitors in the segment. It comes with Bosch Generation 9 ABS system, Corner Braking Stability, Parking Sensors and Dual Airbags in front.

> Drivers also get the ability to choose between different driving modes – City, Eco and Sport. All the modes have been added to provide better comfort and enhance the engine performance in different terrain the car is driving through.

As you can read, Tata Bolt brings to the Indian consumers some of the best in class comfort and engine performance. All of these features make sure that Tata Bolt is one of the most trusted pre-owned cars in gurgaon and you can get it under a price of Rs.3 lakhs. Tata has an extensive service network and customer care which makes it even more attractive to buy the Tata Bolt.

Hyundai Santro

When we are talking about pre-used cars, Hyundai is one of the favourite companies whose vehicles have stood the test of time. Hyundai Santro is a very common name in the Indian automobile industry. When the first santro was released, it made a great impact because of its affordable price and fuel efficient performance.

Hyundai Santro - Best Used Cars Under 3 Lakhs in Gurgaon
Hyundai Santro
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Being such an economic vehicle in every aspect, the Santro makes a great choice for a pre-used vehicle on gurgaon. So Hyundai Santro will surely allow you to enjoy a great deal of driving experience in the urban cities.

The Santro comes with gentle exterior design and subtle body construction that does not look very aggressive. The chrome plated grille looks premium and holds the Hyundai logo. Entering the vehicle is easy because there is ample room around the door space considering that it is a hatchback.

Inside the cabin, the users get 218 litres of boot space and that is pretty decent for a hatchback. The seats have received a black-beige colour code and they are comfortably cushioned for ease of seating.

The Santro comes in XL, XK, GL, XG, XP and GLS variants which features different benefits and equipment. Maharajah Red Mushroom, Coral White and Sleek Silver etc. are some of the most popular colours that the users can choose from. Have a look at some more features of the Santro.

Hyundai Santro Bolt Features and Engine Specs

> The Hyundai Santro comes with 1.1-litre 3-cylinder and petrol powered engine that is capable of producing 63 Bhp at 5500 rpm, whereas the maximum torque stands at 91 Nm at 4000 rpm.

> The Santro is available in two other different engine variants which run on -LPG and CNG. Both these engines are of 1086cc and provide good overall performance also.

> Hyundai Santro gives an amazing fuel economy of almost 17.97kmpl on urban and highway conditions it can deliver almost 20kmpl.

> The Hyundai Santro can reach from 0-100kmph in just 16.2 seconds. Therefore you can understand that even though the engine is budget-centric, it can do a decent job.

> You get McPherson Strut with Stabilizer Bar in the front suspension and the rear suspension has Torsional Beam Axle along with the 3 Link Offset Coil Spring.

> Hydraulic shock absorbers make the Santro a more comfortable and smooth ride on a daily basis.

> 164mm ground clearance and a wheelbase of 2380mm along with 13 inches of tyres can be seen in the Santro.

> There are not many advanced safety features in the Santro but the basics have been done well. There are child safety lock and side impact beams.

Hyundai Santro is an amazing four wheeler that you can buy under Rs.3 lakhs in Gurgaon. Being one of the best pre-owned cars in this segment, there are several dealers who can help you to get your hands on the best used Santro variant out there. If you have read the features, then you will know the Santro is one of the best second hand cars in gurgaon.


Maruti Suzuki WagonR

Maruti Suzuki has become the most popular and wide scale manufacturer of four wheelers. Their vehicles have the highest quality performance and value for money service.

Maruti has made sure that their vehicles have good features and sophisticated looks and design which set their vehicles apart from other competitors in the market. If you are looking for a great deal on a used car under Rs.3 lakhs, then the Maruti Suzuki WagonR is the best option that you have.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR needs no introduction because as an Indian, every one of us has seen one its variants running on the Indian roads. WagonR is a very popular hatchback that is the affordable and reliable compact vehicle which delivers excellent service and comfort to the users.

The WagonR has a typical ‘boxy’ construction and the front LED headlamps go well with the overall design. In the interiors the WagonR feel premium and spacious than most other hatchbacks that are available in the market. There is enough leg space in the WagonR for everyone to sit comfortably but the boot space is 180 litres.

The interiors have received a black and beige interior colour code and the dashboard has quality have also been revamped. The door and window space are spacious enough which allows the passengers to get a good exterior view and will be able to get out of the car easily as well.

> The WagonR is powered by the 1061 cc, 4 cylinders F10D engine 4 valve petrol Multi Point Fuel Injection engine. This engine is capable of producing 62bhp and 6200rpm which is quite decent and powerful for a hatchback. There is also an LPG variant of the engine.

> There are several variants of the WagonR that are available in the market – LX, Lxi, Vxi, Ax models. The engines have been coupled with 5 speed manual transmission.

> The users can get approximately 17.4kmpl mileage in urban conditions and on the highway, the car delivers 23kmpl of mileage.

> The compact and boxy design of the WagonR makes it much easier for the driver to drive the car in narrow lanes and sharp turns.

> McPherson Strut with torsion type roll control device has been integrated into the front suspension. The rear suspension uses coil spring and gas filled shock absorber systems.

> The WagonR has been termed as the Multi Activity Vehicle (MAV) which has ample amount of boot space and good seating area that gives comfort.

> 3495mm length and 1495mm width of the WagonR gives it the ample space and makes it feel much bigger than the other competitors in the market.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR has some of the best features that have been available in a hatchback. The vehicle has all the facilities that make it possible for the drivers to get convenient and easy driving experience in different conditions. It is one of the best used cars in Gurgaon under Rs.3 Lakhs that you can possibly get considering the balance in all the features.

Final Verdict – from the above list, you can see that there are several options when it comes to choosing a previously used car under the price of Rs.3 lakhs. All the cars that we have mentioned are very much popular and thousands of users have already been using them. There are several agencies who deal with all the used cars that we have talked about.

So you can get some amazing offer and a brilliant deal that you will simply not be able to resist. Therefore what are you waiting for? Start your research and buy a car which suits your needs the best under a price of Rs.3 lakhs in the city of Gurgaon.

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