Top 5 Used Cars Under 2 Lakhs in Jaipur


The automobile market in India offers a diverse variety of cars which can make it a tough decision to make when it comes to choosing a car for purchase. With many different brands and its variants, one needs to take a well-informed decision. With every passing year, more and more new variants are added to the market by each car brand.

As a result of this, many new car owners who can afford multiple cars or change their car models every few years prefer a brand new car keeping up with the latest car trends. The older cars are then usually sold off by their owners and can often be in quite a good condition. In other cases, people shift cities and prefer to sell their vehicle rather than taking it to another city. This has opened up a whole new market of second hand cars.

In tier II cities such as Jaipur where the public transport system may not be as efficient as in bigger metros, having a personal mode of transport becomes a necessity. Be it for commuting to work or to travel or simply to move around, having a car prevents the dependency on public transport.

At the same time, not everyone finds extensive use of their own car or be able to afford brand new cars. The automobile market has opened up a variety of used cars in Jaipur as new car owners are trying to sell their vehicles off. The availability, as well as the demand for pre-owned cars in Jaipur, is growing and a good deal of research can help you find used cars in the budget range of as low as 1 – 2 lakhs.

While car purchasing pre-owned cars, one will also need to factor in not only the features available in the car as offered by the manufacturer but also the condition of the car itself. Additional safety features, the choice between manual and automatic transmission, fuel efficiency and the mileage already run by the car are additional factors that have to be well-researched before making the purchase.

Research can primarily be conducted through various mediums available online as more and more people are resorting to all their purchase needs over the internet. You need to factor in the model and budget primarily while making a list of used cars you would like to check out.

The vehicle history report is also an essential element that needs to be checked when you narrow in on your desired vehicles. Calling the sellers, trying to establish a relationship with them.

The sellers might go back on their deals. Try and get a test drive if possible for the best first-hand experience checking all specifications in daylight hours for easy inspection. If a test-drive is not possible, you could get a professional inspection done instead. Negotiating for a good deal always comes in the end when you know the condition of the car you shall be buying, the make model and its features which will give you points to negotiate your deal on.

Used Cars Under 2 Lakhs

Smaller and affordable used cars may not always be one’s first purchase but often serves as an additional purchase for families who already own a car but would wish to purchase a second car on a need basis. Second cars may be required to be used less but serve the purpose of affordability and utility at the same time. Below are listed some of the popular affordable hatchbacks that one can check out in the pre-owned car market.

Maruti Suzuki Alto800

Maruti Suzuki Alto

When it comes to brands dominating the small and affordable car segment, Maruti continues to be one of the forerunners and is one of the most used cars even in the passenger-car segment.

The Maruti Suzuki Alto is one of the bestselling cars in India, especially in the affordable vehicle segment. Having become a synonymous household name for Indian families for cars, it provides great service and mileage and continues to be a trusted brand ever since their cars were first launched in India.

The Suzuki Alto 800 also happens to be a great entry level hatchback and is the third most fuel-efficient car in India. First time car buyers who take into account the utilitarian factor along with other factors such as fuel-efficiency and mileage will find this the perfect car. A used car in this range which has been well-maintained can be quite a beneficial deal.

The newly launched Alto gives better and upgraded features after replacing the Maruti 800 which had been the winner retaining a top favourite spot for several years. The new hatchback features a shorter length by about 100mm but wears a similar conservative design. Surveys reveal that many car owners having a lot usually have an additional car and this could also serve as a good and cheap alternative car for existing car owners.

*  Weighing a mere 725 kg, the Alto 800 is a very light car focusing primarily on cost saving.

* The Alto 800 in its new body has a smaller engine in comparison to its older Maruti 800 model and is now powered by a 796 cc 3-cylinder engine.

*  It has a slim front grille with sleek looking petal-shaped headlamps that add to the overall beauty.

*  The interiors of the Maruti Alto 800 have coloured seat fabric and a completely new transformed dashboard.

* The higher end LXi variant of the model comes with a CD/MP3 player, power steering, air conditioning and front power windows. There is however no central locking feature.

* Standard driver’s side airbag, Bluetooth and auxiliary connectivity, remote locking and raise stopping sensors are present in the Maruti Alto 800.

* The flanks have creases and it has an overall sporty look even in terms of the manner in which its tail lamps are sculpted.

*  Overall safety features of the Alto 800 include electronic brake force distribution, dual front airbags, anti-lock braking system and ISOFIX child seat mounts.


Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

Yet another make from the reliable and leading automobile brand is the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R. The undisputed champion in the automobile industry, Maruti continues to perform consistently in the sales chart. This modern looking car has been considered one of the many reliables yet affordable cars. Its updated safety norms within the affordable budget range, its mileage specifications and overall performance make it a great choice in the segment of used cars under 2 lakhs in Jaipur.

The Wagon R also happens to be one of the many widely preferred cars from the house of Maruti Suzuki and their affordable range of family cars. Contributing to as much as 14% of the annual sales for Maruti in the Indian car market, the car was first launched in 1999 and has received subsequent facelifts in the following years. With each upgrade, it has bolder looks, better features and number of changes both externally and internally. you can also check used maruti suzuki cars in jaipiur.

> It comes with a 998 cc 3-cylinder petrol engine only and is available in both manual and automatic transmission modes. The 998 cc power output comes to 67bhp with a maximum torque of 90Nm.

> The CNG version of the Wagon R also offers both 5 speed manual and automatic transmission modes.

> Its BS-IV ready and E10 compliant engine makes it an environment-friendly car make.

> The trusty Wagon R provides an average mileage of 21.5 to 22.5 kmplwhich varies slightly depending on the fuel type and the variant one would be using.

> The interiors are decently spacious in its 5-seater design having a length of 3655mm and width of 1620mm. There is ample legroom and headroom with reasonably comfortable seats.

> Fabric upholstery for the interiors and trims on the doors give it a nice touch.

> The instrument cluster is neatly arranged with orange highlights and a 3 pod design with space for the tachometer and speedometer. Fuel indicator and the center console with manual controls are also conveniently placed within easy reach for the driver as well as the front seat passenger.

> A 4 speaker music system delivers good quality sound and access with CD playback, radio and USB connectivity.

> Its great height makes the Wagon R a popular choice for those who prefer cars with an elevated seating and often proves comfortable for the older family members.

> Adjustable steering wheel, keyless entry come as additional features.

> Safey features include ABS and airbags. SRS airbags are present in the Vxi trim for better safety of passengers during collision. Child safety lock, rear wipers, EBD, engine immobilizer and central locking system are also featured.

> The ABS system is well-calibrated and the front and rear ends both provide a good grip on the road with its well-ventilated disc brake. The rear wipers, washer defogger assure superior visibility.

> A floating roof, smartly contoured taillights and an overall wider look makes it look sturdy and a wonderful family car within an affordable range.

> The boxy construction frees up space more vertically than horizontally for passengers. User responses for the newer and upgraded versions too have been positive with better ride quality and experience especially in city premises navigating through traffic, potholes and narrow spaces.

Hyundai Eon

Hyundai Eon

The South Korean car manufacturer has been making record high profits in the past few years providing India with both affordable, mid-range and higher end models and providing a promising customer experience for long term profitability.

The Hyundai Eon features a spacious cabin, sporty looks and efficient engine and affordable price range, the Hyundai Eon makes for a perfect budget friendly car even within range and availability of pre-owned cars in Jaipur.

Currently produced in Chennai’s plant, the car is manufactured for both the domestic and international markets. In terms of its build quality, interiors, the Hyundai Eon matches up to its rivals within the similar price bracket and promises even more if not the same. Eon has received an overwhelming response from car owners in the country with its trendy and fluid design.

With the launch of its special customer care package known as the Hyundai Customer Care Programme or HCCP, people can opt for servicing for their petrol variant Eon cars. This is however applicable only in a case where the car is less than 3 years old or has a run within 1,00,000km. Extended warranty services and overall good availability of servicing makes the Hyundai Eon a good choice even as a second hand car.

 >The car is powered by an 814cc 3-cylinder petrol engine with 56PS @5500 rpm and a torque of 74.56Nm @4000rpm.

>Hyundai Eon is also available in LPG variant featuring a 34L toroidal tank and has a slightly higher price.

>Similar to the European Hyundai, the 1.0L Kappa II three-cylinder variant is also available with a power generation capacity of 68bhp and 6200 rpm with peak torque at 94Nm @3500 rpm.

>The 5 speed gearbox makes the Eon a surprisingly agile car very well suited for city driving and occasional weekend trips when you wish to head off somewhere on the highway.

>The interiors are packed with a 2-DIN stereo system having 2 front speakers and the very useful aux/USB ports.

>It has a dual beige and grey colour scheme and ample storage space for storing knick-knacks. The family sized car can also hold in some amount of luggage.

>The front windows are powered, has a gear shift indicator, tilt steering and internally adjusted OVRMs.

>Safety features of the Hyundai Eon include an airbag, seatbelts, front fog lamps, child safety rear door locks, remote keyless entry and the reinforced body shell itself which claims to be able to withstand a good amount of impact.

>Other additional features also include power windows, internally adjustable OVRN, bench folding rear seats, rear parcel tray and remote fuel lid opener.

>For those able to find a better deal with the more recent upgraded models will find added enhancement and styling.

>In spite of its slightly unpredictable performance on the highways, the Hyundai Eon promises a somewhat good suspension that is well-tuned for city driving and promises a good ride quality to its passengers

Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet Spark

The fifth largest automobile manufacturer in India, Chevrolet has become a popular brand offering affordable hatchbacks and has been performing incredibly well in terms of its sales.

Chevrolet Spark is one of the best-selling hatchbacks that come under the low-range affordable segment of automobiles rivalling with several other popular hatchbacks belonging to a similar price range and offering similar features.

The hatchback was first launched in 2007 and offers a wonderful fleet of cars in a sporty design and promising performance. The 2012 model subsequently came with a lot of additional revamping with minor tweaks done to the bumper and newly sculpted tail lights.

>There are two variants for the Chevrolet Spark with the option of 1 Petrol and 1 LPG engine on offer. Both have a capacity of 995cc. The newer models only offer a petrol variant

>Fuel efficiency in its new form ranges between 13.2 km/kg to 18.0 kmpl depending on the variant one shall be using as claimed by Chevrolet.The five speed manual transmission can deliver an average of 16.20 km/l under standard conditions. This may further vary depending on the condition of the used car models.

>The 995 cc petrol engine with five speed manual gearbox is capable of delivering a decent power at 63bhp @5400 RPM and 90.3 Nm of torque @4200 RPM.

>Chevrolet Spark is a 5 seater hatchback measured at a length of 3495mm and width of 1495mm. In terms of space and storage, the car comes with a sizeable 170-liter boot apart from its comfortable seats.

>Overall, the Chevy Spark promises comfortable and easy drivability on Indian roads as well as for the occasional highway jaunts.

>Exterior features of the car include adjustable headlights and manually adjustable exterior rear view mirror.Basic amenities like air conditioner with heater is also available and power steering, power windows, rear defogger ad remote fuel filler release.

>Safety features include child safety lock, rear seat belts, door ajar warning, side impact beams, central locking, optional ABS etc.

>An optional anti-lock braking system is available and gives it an easy small turning radius perfect for maneuvering through small and crowded roads of Indian cities or within heavy traffic conditions.

>Even while negotiating bad roads, the good ABS system gives it a good and cushioned ride quality.

Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid

European carmaker, Renault has been performing fairly well with its SUV car segment and has gained a strong foothold selling the Renault Kwid, a lower range variant. Their overall success in the Indian market so far has led to them trying to explore other international markets as well. Competitive pricing and features have helped Renault in gaining profitability and overcoming the initial hurdles of setting up their market base in India.

Modern and extremely well-equipped, the crossover hatchback, Renault Kwid has gained popularity among first-time car owners and offers one of the best ride qualities in the small car segment of the market.

The car has even bagged the NDTV car of the year award and several other automobile awards for its features and overall performance. Its robust build and adventurous appearance have made It quite a favorite for youngsters who love a long drive and hit the highway for a short weekend trip.

The design itself is said to be inspired from its larger sibling, the Renault Duster which has a honeycomb front grille and plastic cladding on its sides. The front gives an SUV appearance while the back with its fine looking tail lamps have a perfect compact hatchback look.

>The Renault Kwid comes in 2 Petrol Engines of 799 and 999cc in both 2 automatic and 6 manual transmissions.

>Average mileage claimed to be offered in the new cars ranges between 21.17kmpl to 25.17 kmpl. Depending on the condition and usage of a pre-owned car, the mileage may vary at a later stage.

> The 5 seater hatchback is fairly spacious and has a length and width of 3679 and 1597 mm respectively with a wheelbase of 2422 mm.

> The standard petrol variant with an 800 cc engine delivers a 53.3 PS power and 72Nm torque.

> Exterior features sport a rugged look with an SUV type appearance which can be expected from a crossover hatchback.

> In terms of dimension, under 3.6 metres length car packs in a 300liter boot space. The overall spaciousness makes it comfortable enough to take ample luggage for a short weekend trip.

> The seats are well-padded for additional comfort and definitely offers ample legroom in comparison to its rivals in the similar price range. Passenger seat storage features include two glove boxes, two bottle holders and door side pockets on either side of the rear seat.

> Entertainment features for the Renault Kwid include a USB and auxiliary input, Bluetooth connectivity, and dual speakers. Higher variants offer several additional ranges of functions including turn-by-turn voice guidance, a gear shift indicator and even a new Reverse Parking Camera to help you park in the tightest of spots.

> The Digital instrument is clear with an easy-to-read look.

> Interiors of the car are well-done with a rear seat armrest that adds to the overall cabin comfort and a sense of premium finish even for rear seat passengers.

> In spite of its budget friendly range, safety features for the Renault Kwid have not been overlooked. The basic features include a driver side airbag. Features such as ABS, seatbelt reminder, blind sport warning and autonomous emergency breaking features are absent in this make.

> The overall suspension system is commendable and assures a smooth ride on the roads with easy manoeuvring

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