Top 5 Suvs – We Can Buy Second Hand


Top 5 SUVs in India

The pre-owned car market is steadily spreading its stronghold across the country. Buyers now prefer to purchase used cars instead of buying brand new ones because they get a larger range of better-looking models at the same cost.

The city of New Delhi and in fact the whole of the National Capital Region has got the largest population of cars in India. Used cars in Delhi comprise of those models which assure the buyer of easy availability of spare parts and better maintenance along with style and looks of course – Mahindra being the leader in this segment as expected.

Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio – This SUV is ideal for long road trips with the family and good for different terrains as well as the perfect companion for off-roading due to its robustness and reliability. A used Scorpio in Delhi with its four-wheel drive option delivers excellent performance in the city as well as over rugged terrains, therefore making it the most loved SUV which offers great value for money.

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Mahindra Boleror

Mahindra Bolero – A used Bolero is bound to speak sheer strength and durability and nothing else! Moreover, this car combines great design on the outside with a luxurious cabin inside, coupled with heavy duty performance.

This SUV is a smart mix of functionality with style and luxury. It also packs in advanced features which enrich the driving experience and comes in a line-up of variants to suit the different needs of the buyers.

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Renault Duster

Renault Duster – The Renault Duster remains the most coveted SUV in the Indian market. The car sold like hotcakes when it arrived and still continues to do so. There would be an enormous number of options available in the market to choose from. The demand for second-hand Duster remains quite high.

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Ford EcoSport

Ford EcoSport – It would not be wrong if we refer to the Ford EcoSport as the most unconventional looking SUV in the market. The car comes with great driving dynamics and the technological marvel, 3 cylinder EcoBoost petrol unit is this car’s most attractive features.

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The Bose sound system that higher spec models come with is good to blow our mind with its sound quality. The car is fuel efficient and easy to maintain. The boot space of the car is quite good but not as impressive as some of the other vehicles in its category. You should be able to find a problem free used Ford EcoSport within in the used car market quite easily.

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Honda CRV

Honda CR-V – If we can afford to run an SUV with a powerful engine that runs on petrol or even perhaps, adds a CNG kit to this car, a Honda CR-V of the year 2007 range, and with around 70,000 clicks showing on its odometer can easily be up for grabs for the taking at around 5 lakh rupees in New Delhi.

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