Tips To Remember When You Visit The Car Service Station


Buying a car is obviously not the only thing you would need to do with care. Proper maintenance of the car is also quite important and this is why you should have a few points in mind before you visit a service station.

Car Brake Pads

Car Service & Timely Maintenance

Yes, you would need to visit the service station regularly for routine check-ups and you should not act dumb as you drive into the station. Visiting the service centre would be tricky if you have no prior experience in that area.

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The after sales services of the luxury brands would be costing you a fortune, while it would not be quite so with the brands like Toyota, Maruti Suzuki and Honda.

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The service manual Should be Referred to

The vehicles would not give much trouble in the initial years but the later years prove to be the real test for the vehicle. The service manual offers a lot of detailed information which should be referred to for all the critical information.

Knowing things beforehand might save a lot of time and energy, not to mention time. The necessary replacements like the battery, chain set and oil are mentioned in the manual along with the time intervals.

The service manual would indicate the service intervals and would give you the idea when the vehicle should be taken to the service station.

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How Often Would The Parts Need to be Replaced?

The oil filters and the engine oil need to be replaced regularly and are the only things worth replacing in the first 5 to 10 thousand km. The air filters would just need to be cleaned and would need replacement after the first 30,000 km.

The spark plugs would also last for 30,000 km. the fuel filters have a life of about 20,000 km. The brake pads would need replacement depending on how you use them. However, they would need replacements more often in the cars with automatic transmission.

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In addition to remembering these things, you should keep the following tips in mind:

1. Before starting to drive, always warm up the engine. Warming the engine would also warm the engine oil and allow it to gain the functional properties.

2. You should not change the service interval assigned. If the vehicle is driven for some kilometres than what is assigned in the service interval, something or the other could surely malfunction.

3. You should always keep an eye on the level of the coolant. It should be between the mentioned limits.

4. It is important to cool the vehicle down before going for a wash.

5. The exhaust emission should be checked from time to time. This would allow you to know about the health status of the car directly. The emission should not have any colour and there shouldn’t definitely be any black gel type extract on the exhaust opening.

6. It is important to keep checking the tire treads to ensure safe driving. The tire pressure should also be checked every time you go for refuelling.

These few tips should be kept in mind while visiting the service station.

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