Tips to Ensure That You Are Not Purchasing an Obsolete Car

Tips to Ensure That You Are Not Purchasing an Obsolete Car

With today’s automobiles becoming increasingly technology inclined, from satellite navigation and entertainment systems to in-car operating systems, considering options of compatibility, obsolescence along with Apple vs Android options are now equally important when we buy a new car. This is because we don’t change cars as often as we change our cell phones. As per reports, most American buyers now plan to own their car for 10 years before going for another.

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Tips to Make Your Car Future Proof

1. Car makers and smart phone makers know that in future people are going to expect a lot more from cars as well as phones, so Apple has come up with their application known as CarPlay, while Google is offering their Android Auto. So make sure that your next auto supports these apps, and the entertainment system of your car will easily be able to keep up with your phone.

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2. It appears inevitable that in the next decade we will see more autonomous cars. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has publicly said that we could expect fully autonomous cars on the road In USA as early as 2017, and that by 2018 Tesla will be travelling coast to coast autonomously.

3. From April 2018, all vehicles sold in the European Union will be needed to support eCall, an app that will automatically transmit data if something goes wrong – the system will automatically contact the emergency services via voice connection, as well as transmit minimum data, including the car’s location, so that emergency services can reach faster.

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4. Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) communication systems will also be seen – following successful trials back in 2012, it is expected that V2V could become a feature on all new cars in the near future – with both American and European regulatory bodies trying to allocate the 5.9 MHz frequency band only for communications of this type. The idea is that if everyone has this feature, every car will have a better idea about what hazards can be expected on the road ahead.

5. It has been accepted that the future of cars will involve some kind of electric propulsion. There are signs, however, that extensive use of electric cars could be here sooner than we expect. So if you want to be able to travel using your car whenever you want in the near future, then it is wiser to get one that runs on electricity or at least partly.

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6. When you purchase you next car, do not allow yourself to spend time in the next decade untangling wires. So go for a vehicle that supports wireless charging. Premium car makers like Audi, General Motors (Vauxhall), and Toyota have all begun to develop cars with wireless charging included – and at present, Qi is the pioneer to be the widely accepted option.

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