Tips On Finding The Best Used Sedans

Tips on Finding The Best Used Sedans

Volkswagen Vento

Sedans make up quite a big chunk of the total car sales, and it can be pretty overwhelming to find one that suits your taste and your price point perfectly. It gets even more complicated as you wade into the previously owned arena. While new sedan buyers focus on features and styling, those that are eking used sedans turn their attention to other factors like reliability, value, and durability. Finding your way to the best used sedans can be simple if you just study a few important factors and let the guide you through the process.

Sedans being one of the most comfortable cars in the market find numerous buyers even for second hand ones. Car manufacturers treat cabins to plush seat covers, appropriate leg and head space and places which have adequate lumber support. Since the sedans are also quite low, you need not crouch into the car. Performance wise too, sedans are an excellent choice because they perform well on both city roads and highways. Besides, sedans also exude a classiness and elegance of its own. The best part is, car buyers can now get used sedans for under Rs. 5 lakhs, thanks to the organisation of the used car market. You can take your pick from Honda Amaze, Honda City, Maruti SX4, Maruti Swift Dzire, Nissan Sunny, Renault Fluence, Hyundai Excent, Hyundai Verna, Hyundai Elantra, etc.

The Following Things in Mind to Buy The Used Sedans

1. Engine: you can take a mechanic along when you look at the available options.

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2. Test drive: if you like a car, you must take it out for a test drive. If you’re an experienced driver, you will be able to detect any noticeable issue with the car. The test drive will anyway let you know if the car is well-suited to your requirements. In this case too, you can take a mechanic for a second opinion.

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3. Maintenance: even if it requires a little more effort and time, you should hunt down for a used sedan that has been well-maintained. It is any day a safer bet to go for a car from a manufacturer with established service networks and dealers. In the long run, it will make it easier for you to get the car serviced or to buy spare parts. You should avoid models that have gone out of production; besides, the older a car is, the more likely it is for them to have maintenance issues. Watch out for authorised dealerships that offer a warranty on certified used cars.

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4. Service history: you should go through the car’s service log thoroughly to get an idea as to how well the car has been maintained.

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5. Documentation: Once the research part is done, you should check the documents, which include, the original registration papers, a valid Pollution Under Control certificate, insurance papers and tax tokens.

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6. Negotiating the deal: once all the factors are settled to your satisfaction, you should have a positive idea about the fair price that you are willing to pay. Since it is a long-term buy, be cautious about the nitty-gritties and complete the transaction only after you’re absolutely satisfied.

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