The Old Ford Fiesta vs the New 2017 Fiesta


The Old Ford Fiesta vs the New 2017 Fiesta

Ford Fiesta

Ford is a fantastic company which is responsible for building magnificent cars since their time. The handy machines that are built buy the company is adored worldwide and is very popular in the European markets. This year the company has launched a new Ford Fiesta model which was seen in German Auto Show 2016. This particular model is said to hit the roads of Europe in the mid 2017 and hopefully in India by the end of 2017.

The New 2017 Fiesta

The company is announcing that there are going to be huge changes between the predecessor of this new Fiesta and itself. There are many different features installed in the new one which is outcast the previous model. The company has tried its best to install the best of accessories and technology in this car.

As it is one of the bestselling cars in Europe, there is not a single doubt the designers did not want to play around with the looks much risking they might lose their popularity. They have just added up some modern gears to give the previous model a fresh and new look. The front grille is chrome finished which is hexagonal and has slats. The headlights are redesigned slightly. The tail lamps have a vertical look with a signature C pattern. The company has also slightly redesigned the bumper. Some of the unique disting
uishers can easily say that the new model has bulked up a bit with a longer wheelbase. The two new generations of cars that has been added to the new gen family are named as Vignale and Active crossover.

The interior of the new fiesta has an altogether different inside look. This particular inside look gives this set the style of an outgoing car. The design is said to be an ergonomic one which comes with a rotary temp control tab. The most fascinating feature of the touch screen is that is has a floating display which runs on the Ford’s new SYNC3 infotainment software. The company has also taken the initiative of keeping the Android Auto and the Apple Car play.

The top variants of the car have a beautiful music system installed along with 10 speakers Bang. Along with it the Pre collision Assistant, the active park Assist, Driver alert, Blind Spot Indication and much more. All these features are installed in the system with a bang so that it helps built the car into a modern machine of the future generation. The EcoBoost three cylinder engine is another added specialty in the new model. It comes along with two variants, petrol one and a diesel one. The diesel one comes along with a 6 speed manual and the petrol one gets a 5 speed manual. However the top variants come with an option of automatic transmission. All these features have helped to build up this new model into a far better one than its predecessors. The new car has a different look and feel in it which will clearly outcast the previous model.

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