The Best Used Cars in Mumbai

The Best Used Cars in Mumbai

The pre owned car market in our country has experienced an enormous growth over the last few years. More car purchasers are now willing to go for a used or second hand car, in comparison to the handful few who would do earlier. A car buyer has the option to select a car from the various models and variants from different car makers, that too at reasonable costs.

Used Cars in Mumbai

Many first time car purchasers are also exercising preference to buy pre owned cars instead of brand new vehicles. The easy availability of finance schemes and insurance programs are of great help nowadays. A current trend that has been observed by car experts shows that out of all used cars in Mumbai, the pre owned cars from the house of Japanese auto maker Honda are experiencing a high demand, apart from the other car manufacturers in the pre owned car market like Maruti, Tata, Mahindra, Hyundai etc. There are many dealers who have gone online too and are selling cars in the metro cities in India and of course Mumbai. The top 3 car models that are hot favourites among the used cars in Mumbai are as follows.
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Honda Accord

Honda Accord – The Accord from Honda comes with a gem of an engine. It is pretty low on maintenance and with a light foot on the pedal that is for driving on the highways, it delivers around 12 kmpl of mileage which is quite impressive, though it may be little less for city drives. Routine regular service checks from authorized showrooms would expectantly offer fuel economy a little on the higher side. It comes with great technology to boost its dynamics of driving and torsional rigidity. A used Accord is an absolutely fantastic car in all respects.
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Honda City

Honda City  – The Honda City has been a smash hit since ever its release in the car market of India. The speciality of this car is its highly spacious boot and reliable engine that is also a low maintenance one. The Honda City has been featuring in the Indian auto market for more than ten years now. This sedan has been a popular option among both new as well as used car purchasers in our country. The Honda City has undoubtedly been one among the most favourite cars in the country.
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Honda Civic

Honda Civic – Honda Civic is a premium sedan with a sporty feel that certainly is an exciting choice as a used car too. It experienced great success in India when it was released because there was no match for it back them, in terms of appearance as well as brand value. Great value for money can be expected out of a used Honda Civic, since you get a lot in terms of quality, space and comfort, though the lack of a diesel variant and not so impressive fuel economy might be a drawback for this vehicle.
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