The Best Plan of Insurance Companies for The Consumer Market


The Best Plan of Insurance Companies for The Consumer Market

With the coming of the festive season, the IRDAI gives a recent ruling on car insurance. The General insurance Companies can sell their insurance policies via dealer networks all over the country, without any collaboration with a particular dealer. This is an advantageous situation for the insurance companies, dealers and also the consumers. Currently all the insurance companies get a chance to exhibit their best plans to consumers without an essential tie-up. Previously because of the alliance insurance companies could cater to those set of consumers who purchased cars from their tied-up dealership. Due to which the insurance companies could not show their policies to the customers who bought cars without the dealership. The latest decision by the IRDAI gives a fair business chance to everyone.

Freedom of Insurance


Get the Big Dealership Smile!

This festive season there are various advantages for the consumers. Now the customers can select the best insurance policy that makes their festive moment bigger. There are a variety of options to choose from as the insurance company, the dealers as well as the customers have got the added freedom of insurance options. For example some customers demand the cheapest policy, no matter what the coverage is. Some of the consumers prefer a policy that covers a wide range of aspects for the transport vehicle. Price is not a major issue with such consumers. Thus now each car buyer can return home in abundance and with a smiling face. Thus the insurance companies are always hunting for the best deals for their business that could create a business space for the dealers and also the consumers.

Is an insurance broker essential for insurance coverage?

Generally customers think of a middle man as a not required third party that could only lead to increase in costs and risks. On the basis of cost one could say that broker pricing is better than a direct link with the insurance company. This is principally because the insurers provide varied rates to the brokers, so that the premiums are low.

The consumer would surely want to buy an insurance that enables them to pay lesser on the premiums. At the same time purchasing from the brokers is much more convenient and easy. The brokers these days offer an online service and are more prompt towards better quality service to their customers. They often answer the queries personally by email and reassure the customers about their investments.

The brokers are really efficient in cross checking the insurance policies. They also educate the customers on what type of coverage to they have and what could be the risk factors.

Thus one can say that the insurance company, the dealers and the customers will profit if getting the insurance company is kept flexible. In this way the area of the targeted consumers could be increased, that would in turn increase the profits and create more job opportunities in the services and labor market.

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