Some of the common petrol pump scams in India that you should be aware of

Some of the common petrol pump scams in India that you should be Aware of

Owning a car is always an expensive. Not only does it involve the grand one-time cost of the car purchase but the recurring cost of fuel and maintenance is also very high. To add to the troubles of the common man there are the numerous petrol pump scams that take place all over India that causes a hike in the car maintenance cost. Let us take a look at some of the common petrol pump scams in India:


Petrol Pump Scams in India that you Should be Aware of

  • The trick with the long hose pipes- Everyone who has ever paid a visit to petrol pump must have noticed that the length of the hose pipes used to deliver the petrol inside the tank is longer than what is required. The trick behind having such long hose pipes is that after fuelling a set quantity, there is still some fuel left in the long hose that has been already metered that remains inside it which could be as much as 100-150ml of fuel. As one can imagine this is quite a large amount of loss when it comes to an expensive entity like fuel and petrol pumps make a lot of extra bucks on it. One way of bypassing this problem is by raising the hosepipe as high as possible so as to extract every last ounce of fuel before removing it.

  • The trick of diversion- There are various methods in which the attendants divert the customer in order to carry out a scam. Sometimes during tank fill other attendants in the petrol pump can divert your attention and try to sell you other products or talking about car servicing. This diverts your attention from the fuel meter and the attendant may fill in lesser fuel than asked for. Also sometimes during tank fill up they go for refilling wherein they stop the meter at a particular point and then again start up the process to the desired amount. Sometimes during this process instead of starting up from the beginning they restart from the point they start leading you to believe that the desired amount has been reached but in reality it hasn’t. To avoid this one should be attentive towards the fuel meter during refill and do away with any distractions.

  • Lesser return- The attendants at petrol pumps are very quick at selecting their prey. If then catch you off guard and notice your absent mindedness then they will return you lesser change than what you should be getting. This is even more common when they find that the customer is in a hurry. The easiest way to avoid is to take some time out to count the change before you drive off.

  • Tampering with the fuel machine- This is a very common practice at the petrol pump. Cheat devices are easily available in the market for a low cost which make the dispenser meters jump a few digits while refuelling hence, putting less than what is shown on the dispenser.  All you can do is challenge the meter and ask for a quantity check if in doubt of such a scam.

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