Should you Modify Your Car?


Modifications and accessories are a basic part of daily life. You would be upgrading your desktop or laptop and purchase cool accessories for your furniture. These reflect the personality of the individual. Then should this not be done with cars? It has to be understood that before you start modifying your car, you should understand the implications.

How Modifications Impact

Modification of the car would mean that changes are being made to a vehicle that differs from the original factory specification of the manufacturer. These changes can improve the aesthetics or performance of a car or just the functionalities.

modify your car

Modifications Impact the Car Insurance

Since insurance is based on risk, the insurance providers take a number of factors into consideration before deciding the price for the cover. Modifications to the car increase the value or even the risk for the vehicle. Car insurance companies charge extra premiums as the ‘non-factory’ equipment might increase the chances of accidents happening by malfunctioning.

The standard vehicle components are tested multiple times before being passed. Even then there are factory recalls, which makes these factory parts the safest bet. If an aftermarket part is installed, there is a chance that something could fail. The insurance company would like to cover that risk.

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Modifications Decrease the Value of the Car’

Though it is true in some cases that modifications might increase the selling price of the car, most experts advise against personal touches. This would almost always drive down the price of the vehicle. Not everyone might agree to your sense of taste or colour. Even if you to go forward with the modification, it is advised to keep the original parts. They might be rare and could become irreplaceable at some point in time.

Warranty and the Service Plans

Some car manufacturers have mentioned that they would not endorse any modifications and tuning to their vehicles. Any modification done to the vehicle would render the service plans and the motor warranty void if it is discovered that the problems are caused due to some modification. It is important to have a discussion with the car manufacturer and the insurance provider before making any changes to the new vehicle.

Modifications you Need to Consider

There are certain aesthetic modifications and performance changes like alloy wheels and tinted windows that have low risks and are quite common. Such modifications might not increase the insurance amount for the car.

Those modifications that tamper with the mechanical functioning of the car or its structural integrity should be the ones to worry about. You could consider modifications that serve to protect the vehicle, for instance, the anti smash and grab window tinting.

It is best to speak to the insurance company before any modification is made to the vehicle. No irreversible modification should be made to the car. This would cost you too much in the long run.

You should also take out the time to compare the warranties on the vehicles and see if you would void something with the modifications.

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