Should You Go For a Used Honda Brio?


Honda has been one of the most popular and reliable four wheeler manufacturers in the Indian subcontinent for decades now. They have launched different vehicles from compact cars to huge SUVs.

The Honda Brio was the perfect hatchback for those who wanted to own a compact, feature-rich car and Honda stated it as the “next big small car”. However, it did not make the impact Honda supposedly planned while launching it.

However, there are certain people who loved the car and that is why it is still being sold in the market. Are you planning to buy a used Honda Brio? Then you should give a read through this article where we will discuss with you the various aspects which you should know about before purchasing a used Brio.

Used Honda Brio – Is it worth your money?

Honda Brio

Some features and important things to keep in mind before you go out to buy a used Honda Brio

Interiors, Comfort and Safety

All of us know that Honda has always tried to provide the people with affordable and sustainable vehicles regardless of the price they have asked for. Similarly, even though the Brio looks compact and small from the outside, you will be surprised with enough boot space inside the vehicle.

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The seats are very comfortable and have the right amount of cushioning inside them which allows you to relax without a cramp. The leg and shoulder space of the car is actually very good. However, the windows on the rear are a bit small when compared to other hatchbacks in the market.

Honda has integrated ABS to the mechanical system of the vehicle and also placed airbags on the rear on both sides. This is a very welcome feature that Honda has added. Other features include mounted audio controls, LCD panel, USB and AUX connectivity ports as well.

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Engine and Performance

The Honda Brio, due to its small size looks only like a city car but it can also manage the highway and turns easily. The Honda Brio is powered by a 1.2-litre 88PS i-VTEC motor is integrated with a 5-speed gearbox.

The automatic transmission is a boon in city traffic and you can surely give a look to it. Since the Brio has a small size, it feels agile and very easy to steer through the dense traffic. You can easily get a mileage between 17-19.5 km.

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Final Words – now that you are aware of the different features which you should look out for in a used Honda Brio, there are some other things to keep in mind.

Make sure that the dealer you are buying the used car from is reliable and reputed. The car should be checked very well once and if it has been a certified used car dealer then even better. Certified cars are much reliable than others. You can get an uses Honda Brio anywhere between Rs. 3.95 lakhs to Rs. 4.85 lakhs.

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