The Royal Renault Megane Launch at Bologne Auto Show 2016


The Royal Renault Megane Launch at Bologne Auto Show 2016

Renault Megane

The brand of Renault is surely heard by everyone. It is one of the most popular auto brands which have gained a significant number of popularity up the charts within few years of its first launch in the Indian Markets. We know about the Renault Duster, the mini Kwid and many other models. Well there is another very popular model to be launched soon. It was very well fashioned at the Bologne Motor Show in Italy this year and people really loved the concept. The car has a very friendly look along with the hint of class and style. You can easily get yourself to love this version of the car without much of a problem.

The Royal Renault Megane

The company has named this magnificent beast the Renault Megane. It has a feminine name but muscular structure. The finish of the flowing color and the shine of the metal accessories just add a nice and smooth pleasing appearance to the all new Megane. Renault is very particular about this sedan that it is launching. The company has made sure that the Indian markets get a handful of this model as their popularity is much experienced in India. It is going to be the first of the Megane families to hit the roads of the India. This particular sedan is a third addition to the megane family. The international popularity of the Renault has made it clear that the international markets are also getting a hold of the car. The size of this Megane is quite big in comparison with the Toyota corolla. This Megane model also has the Nissan Renault alliance platform of CMF which stands of Common Module Family. The platform displays a very comfortable experience and gives you the experience of a lifetime.

This particualr model will also hit the European markets and it is soon to hit Turkey along with a TCe four cylinder petrol engine and a dCi four cylinder diesel engine. You even get to choose between the transmission with the option of a 6 speed manual one and a 5 speed manual one, a 6 speed EDC dual Clutch automatic and a 7 speed EDC dual Clutch automatic one. The variety of the options makes it easily to choose as many prefer different transmissions nowadays.

Not only the interior but the company has added luxury to the look and feel of the exterior. The headlights are pure vision LED ones, they also come along with a c shaped LED daytime running lights which is useful in the low daylight areas. The alloy wheels are a fantastic selection with a diameter of about 18 inch. The tailgate is made hands free for many reasons. The display of the head up is fully colored; then again they have gifted the electric parking brake facility. The infotainment system is also a modern one which comes along with 8.7 inch touch screen and superb sound system. The designer and the engineers have also put the advanced braking system along with the Lane departure warning into this new Renault Sedan to woo its customers.

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