Renault Captur Faces Price Drop


Captur is a pretty butch yet good looking compact SUV brought to you by Renault. The car has two distinct variants – the mid spec versions and the high end Platine. The mid spec versions come with two fuel variants– diesel and petrol. Ranged between Rs. 10 and 13 lacs, the car is all in all a great catch.

Renault Captur

The mileage on the car ranges from 13 to 20 kmpl while the engine has a total capacity of 1461 to 1498 cc. The car has 6 speed manual transmission for the diesel variant and a 5 speed manual gearbox for the petrol version. It is also amazingly studded with safety features. These include – driver and passenger airbags, central locking system, ABS (Antilock Brake System), fog lamps, etc. It is a fairly spacious car with 392 litres of boot space capacity. There are power windows provided in the car both at the front and the back.

Renault has recently come up with a thought of reducing the prices of one of its products – the Captur SUV. The price cut will be experienced by both the petrol and diesel variants of the Renault Captur RXT. The petrol variant sees a reduction from Rs. 11.87 lacs to Rs. 11.46 lacs.

The diesel variant of the Renault Captur RXT experiences a greater price cut, of Rs. 60,000. It will go from Rs. 13.27 lacs to Rs. 12.67 lacs. The price is not just limited to the Captur RXTs but also the high end Renault Captur cars like the Capture Platine. It has received the biggest price cut among the Renault cars – a good Rs. 81000. It has reduced from Rs. 14.06 lacs to Rs. 13.25 lacs. These prices mentioned are Delhi ex showroom prices. So these will vary among different cities in India.

The year 2019 started with most automakers increasing their product prices but not Renault. Renault played differently this year. They subjected their cars to a price cut. This was probably motivated by the new upcoming launches in 2019, namely – the Nissan Kicks, on January 22 and the Tata Harrier on the very next day.The Nissan Kicks is supposed to rival fiercely against the Renault Captur in the compact SUV segment. The same very logic applies for Tata Harrier as well, although it is a slightly bigger SUV than the Captur of the Kicks.

Another reason for the price cut of the Renault Captur could be the bad sales of the car in the past few months. While big guns like the Maruti S Cross and the Hyundai Creta have had 3000 to 10000 units sold every month, respectively, the Renault Captur had only 300 units sold per month on an average.

So the reduction in prices is probably a cry for help by Renault. So potential Captur buyers must seek this opportunity to get hold of one. They will get a good 2018 Renault Captur model on discount and also with various payment schemes.

These schemes would include – cash benefits worth Rs 1.2 lakh on the RXE petrol and diesel, cash benefits of Rs 2 lakh on the RXL diesel, and cash benefits of Rs 1.70 lakh on the RXT petrol and diesel dual-tone variants. So there are some pretty good deals If you wish to make a purchase now.

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