Popular Used Cars in Jaipur

There has been tremendous growth in the used car market, thanks to the growing aspirations of the middle class and the dream of owning a car. There are a number of benefits being offered to customers of second hand cars, include an extended warranty on cars, document transfer, no meter tampering guarantee, and roadside assistance, amongst others. In the last 2 to 3 years, the used car industry in the organized trade has grown 70-80%. While owning a brand new car is indeed a treasured experience, many buyers opt for used car which invariably saves a good deal of money. Besides, choosing a second hand car means one wouldn’t have to suffer the initial period of depreciation experienced by the first owner.

Popular Used Cars in Jaipur

Popular Used Cars in Jaipur

The good thing in today’s times is that, buyers of used cars can enjoy a large variety of choice and range of places from where one can confidently make the purchase. Jaipur too has come to have a flourishing market for used cars, and many buyers are opting for popular pre-owned cars at value-for-money deals. Here’s enlisting some of the most desirable used cars in Jaipur.

If you’re not in a mood to buy a new car to avoid high depreciation, for utilitarian reasons, or simply because of budgetary limitations, second hand cars will suit all your needs perfectly. It may interest you to know that unlike the new car market, which has traversed some rough patches in recent times, India’s used car market has had a relatively stable growth.

In Kolkata, Maruti, Hyundai and Honda are not only the leading but also the most popular brands for second hand cars in Jaipur. Maruti, having gained enormous trust amongst customers over the years, has successfully managed a prime position amongst the makers whose cars find the most number of buyers in the second hand car market. We have compiled for you a list of the top car models that are hugely popular in the pre-owned car market, not only in Jaipur, but across other cities as well:

Maruti Suzuki Swift: The Swift has enjoyed consistent appreciation and faith from buyers over the years, and is considered to be one of the best in the hatchback segment. The main advantages of this car include, fuel-efficiency, contemporary design and affordable price. Maruti Suzuki’s brand image has further boosted the demand for this car. Used Maruti Suzuki Swift finds many takers since it is compact, spacious and is easy to drive.

Honda City: it has been a huge hit since its debut in the Indian automobile sector. The USPs of this car are its spacious boot, comfortable seats, and reliable engine which require less maintenance. Nothing could shake its position of being the most preferred sedan for an Indian consumer. A used Honda City in Jaipur will suit the needs of people who are seeking a blend of corporate styling and a sporty car.

Maruti Alto: This has a certain appeal that draws the buyers. It has established a sound presence not only in the major cities, including Jaipur, but also the towns. It is an economical option for second hand buyers who do not want to splurge a lot. The most affordable hatchback from the Indo-Japanese manufacturer, it has been in huge demand despite the constant launch of new vehicles in the small segment of cars.

Hyundai i10: A relatively smaller hatchback, it has managed to make a stir owing to its looks and affordability. It flaunts an aesthetic design that gives it a solid upper edge in the entry level segment in the country. It looks compact from the outside, but the elegant designs in the interior offer ample space to fit in 4 adults comfortably. Used Hyundai i10 in Jaipur is also known to offer great fuel efficiency and has thus, remained a favourite over the years.

Toyota Innova: This was one of the first MPV launched by Toyota in the Indian market. It has climbed up the popularity charts for used cars due to its spacious cabin, high comfort, and low maintenance.

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