Planning to buy Honda City 2003 model- is it a right choice?

Planning to buy Honda City 2003 model is it a right choice?

The Honda City has ample brand value and also sells like hot cakes in the used car market. The Honda City makes for a great investment proposition if you are looking for a good sedan. In case you are thinking of purchasing a 2003 Honda City model, you are probably on the right track. The 2003 Honda City model makes for a good proposition provided you have the following checklist-

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  1. Engine- The Honda City engine is relatively trouble free and quite reliable indeed. If the car has been serviced and maintained on a regular basis, you should expect no trouble till around 2, 00, 000 kilometers on the odometer. However, for older engines, keep your ear out for a subtle whining sound which may indicate a necessary replacement for the crankshaft bearing or timing belt. In case there is an unnecessary tappet noise, you should get the car checked at the earliest. In most cases, the Honda City engine will not give you any trouble and synthetic oil keeps it in mint condition too.

  2. Gearbox- You should check the clutch pedal for any unnecessary play and also check for undesirable stiffness while changing gears which is also not desirable. Other than these two, there are no major issues with the Honda City’s gearbox.

  3. Suspension- There can be issues with the suspension system and this happens in case of cars that are irregularly used. The suspension components become more brittle over a passage of time and the set-up becomes hugely noisy when you drive over really bad roads. Beware if this happens in case of the car you purchase since repairs can be hugely expensive.

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  4. Converted cars- Always refrain from purchasing converted older Honda City cars that come with CNG kits and likewise. This is because these cars are not really compatible with such conversions and their valves and gaskets do wear out as a result of the same.

  5. Brakes and tyres- Handling may be an issue owing to the more efficient yet thinner tyres though the brakes are sharp and the car may have a tendency to lock up its own front tyres. 6. Other components- Be warned that headlamps and tail lamps for the 2003 model may be hard to garner in the market though this is not an issue for the 2006 models onwards. Also, other spare parts could be hard to find and could cost you more at your local dealership or service outlet.

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