Paper Work on Used Car – Headache or Easy

Paper Work – How to resolve it

The used car market is filled with options but unfortunately, it is also filled with unscrupulous car sellers. So, in order to stay guarded against fraud, checking the car’s papers thoroughly becomes extremely important.

Nowadays, any information that we might need to know before buying a used car is readily available online, so getting to know about the paperwork on used cars is no longer an arduous process.

Here is a list of mandatory papers that should be checked before going to buy a used car, whether the seller is a private one or a car dealership.

Car registration certificate:

This is the most important document and offers vital information about the car, including its chassis and engine number. We need to check the state where the car had been registered. If we have plans to drive the car in another state, then we will have to get the registration done there.

Car insurance:

Getting the insurance transferred to our name is important or else it will be difficult to process a claim in case of an accident. While transferring the policy, we must also check if the premium has been paid in due time, the expiry date of the policy and if insurance has ever been claimed.

This will help us to know if the car was ever involved in an accident. If the car insurance has expired or is set to be renewed, there is the scope of bargaining with the seller for reducing the cost of the car.

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Forms 32 & 35:

These documents are needed if the previous car owner had taken a loan to buy the car. Before purchasing, we must ask the seller to give us a copy of the no-objection certificate from the finance organisation, which clarifies that the entire loan has been paid off.

Failing to take care of this could land us in trouble, since after taking possession of the car when the registration certificate has been transferred in our name, the loan provider may demand to pay the pending loan from us as the current owner.

Service book:

We should check the service history of the car since that will show the overall condition of the vehicle. A car that has been serviced regularly on time and through authorized centers will be in a better overall condition than one that has been serviced infrequently.

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Receipt of road tax:

The road tax is a one-time payment, which should ideally be made by the first owner of the vehicle when the car had been registered. If payment has not been made, then the penalty can reach lakhs of rupees over time, and with us as the new owner of the used car, we will have to go through this financial burden. The road tax differs among the states and ranges from 2 to18%, so we should make sure that the car seller provides a receipt for the tax paid.

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