Honda CR-V – What We Know


After getting bigger and better, the Honda CR-V is now set to come back into the Indian markets. It was one of the biggest announcements that the company had to make at the Auto Expo 2018.

Honda CR-V
Honda CR-V

The company promised to bring out 3 new cars in a financial year, proving that Honda is very much in the game. The new generation Amaze is already released into the market and has sold the most units.

The CR-V would be the next to get the upgrade. The Civic would also be following the next year. It has been 5 years since Honda had launched the current version of the CR-V.

Honda CR-V Exteriors

With the current 5th generation coming out, the car would retain most of the styling elements of the predecessors, making it recognizable. The car would, however, get a new chrome grille. There would be also be bulging curves on the wheel arches, adding to the presence of the car.

The body cladding would be showing a bit more muscle. The D pillar would be gone. The car would also get new LED DRLs, full LED headlamps and LED taillamps as well, all of which are standard. There would be lots of chrome additions as well as making the car look really handsome.

Honda CR-V Interiors

The new generation car has grown in proportions. The car has grown by 47 mm which should mean a little more space. But there wasn’t much knee room and a person taller than 6 feet would hit his head on the roof. However, Honda has made the seats adjustable which means that you could pull a lever to slide back and enjoy plenty of space.

This makes the car one of the most comfortable in the segments but this would make the third row quite unusable. Yes, there is a third row which has been added and Honda claims that it is the result of consumer demand.

However, the 7-seater is only available in diesel. The petrol engine is only available in the 5-seater layout. The third row does not offer much space at all. There is a recline function on the third-row seats but they do not help.

Those seats are meant solely for kids. However, the third-row seats would not make the passengers gasp for air. There are 10 AC vents – 4 in the front, 2 for the middle row seats and the remaining 4 are mounted in an overhead panel for the third-row seats.

Honda CR-V Engine and powertrain

The new Honda CR-V has a 1597 cc, 4-cylinder engine, offering 118 bhp of power at 4000 rpm and 300 Nm of peak torque at 2000 rpm. The car has a 9-speed automatic transmission. The car is finally getting the diesel and this introduction had been long overdue.

The paddle shifts respond pretty well to the inputs and offer the flexibility to cruise with the 9 different gear ratios. The mileage is also quite good and the 4WD version offers somewhere around 18.3 kmpl. The gear selector is worth mentioning. It is a push-button electronic gear selector. Separate buttons are available to make it neutral, drive and park.

Thus a lot of things have changed in the car and a lot haven’t. There could be aggressive pricing considering Honda is planning to assemble the CR-V in India.

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