New Generation Cars vs late 1900s Cars

New Generation Cars vs late 1900s Cars

New cars or old cars? Classic or contemporary ones? High-tech models or high-style models? This is an unending debatable topic and is kind of pointless too; as though one has to be superior and the other must be the loser. On one side, there are people, who argue that old used cars are the soul and the passion of the vehicle as an entity. The very experience of driving an old car is what creates an emotional bonding between man and machine for many people. Some even say that bond cannot exist when there are so many computers helping us to drive the car down the road.

New vs Old Cars

New Car vs Old Car

On the other hand, there are mostly younger people who have lesser experience driving older cars. They love the fact that the latest technology is constantly increasing the limits of what is possible. They do not understand why someone would want to travel in a car that requires great effort to drive. In the new age and fast life people mostly want their cars to start up every morning and get them quickly to where they are going in safety and comfort. For them past is past.

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Old cars are great and all of us adore them and respect them. People appreciate them. But to those people who feel that new cars have no soul, they evoke no emotions and create no sense of passion and are least enjoyable for true car lovers, well that is not entirely true. New cars definitely offer an equally engaging driving experience. It is not fair to say that no driver’s aids to be there in a driver’s car. It is not true that a genuine car enthusiast must turn their nose up at any modern car that is too computerized and safe and helpful. It is also not correct to say that real car lovers cannot love a modern car.

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Modern cars may be growing and changing but as long as there are people like us, who love cars and want them to love us back, the driver’s car will keep evolving. So there is really no point in comparing old cars to new ones, and trying to convince people which one is better, because both used old cars and brand new ones can be equally totally awesome.

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