New Brands In Indian Cars Market Coming Soon

New Brands In Indian Cars Market Coming Soon

Today India has many more car options than it used to have earlier. The good news for car lovers is that a few sister concerns of existing car brands in India may foray into the domestic market in near future. Here are 5 of them:

New Car Brands Coming Soon in India

Daihatsu – Toyota recently acquired Daihatsu and it is now a fully owned subsidiary of the Toyota Brand. This car maker is the oldest among all Japanese car makers and specialises in small vehicles and off-road cars. The company also manufactures commercial vehicles and has plans for electric cars and hybrids. The fact that it shares several platforms with Toyota makes it a great choice for India. Since Toyota already has a firm foot hold, it should be expectedly easy for Daihatsu to establish itself.

Kia – Kia Motors is South Korea’s second largest car manufacturer. Kia has a good presence in Europe and may foray into India by 2019. This car manufacturer is known for its compact cars and luxury sedans. Kia Motors was ranked topmost in reliability in the USA this year by market research company J.D. Power. Since Hyundai has got a major stake in Kia, getting a firm foothold in the domestic market should not be an issue considering Hyundai’s strong presence here, being the second largest car manufacturer in India.

Acura – You must be aware that Acura is Honda’s premium segment that is used to sell car through Europe. It is the car brand that inspired others like Lexus from Toyota and Infiniti from Nissan. We may also expect Acura to make its way into India. Some of the premium cars that it manufactures include the NSX, RLX, TSX, TLX etc. Honda uses this brand to compete with its German rivals like BMW, Audi and others. With sales of luxury vehicles seeing a growth in India, Acura may launch itself as an alternative option and start operations in India in near future.

Lexus – Like Acura, Lexus is the luxury car division of Toyota. Lexus was born out of a project called F1 which made the first Lexus car LS in the year 1982. This car company manufactures sedans, convertibles, SUVs and coupes. Lexus has been one of the top selling luxury car makers pioneered by the German trio and has been ranked among the ten largest Japanese brands by value. This car brand also owns a performance range called F Marque much like Abarth and AMG.

Genesis – In addition to Kia, Hyundai may also bring the brand Genesis to India for luxury car buyers. However this is not expected to happen until 2020. Genesis started off as a luxury car and was transformed into a car brand after a successful market feedback. The Genesis G90 was showcased at the Auto Expo in India this year. It is expected that in the next five years the brand would also add two SUVs, a sports coupe and a luxury sedan to its slew of cars, making the total model count to six.

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