Must Read For First Time Car User Car Buyer

Must Read For First Time User Car Buyer

Used Car Buying Guide

Begin with chalking out your requirements clearly. Based on this you should make a shortlist of car models that satisfy all your requirements. To ensure you bag a great deal you need to invest sometime and put in a bit of effort to check on some details. Here is a checklist that can help you to identify a good second hand car.

Second Hand Car
  1. Do some online research to find out about the on going market price for used car models you have shortlisted. This will give you an understanding of the price and help you do an informed negotiation.

  2. Find out the insurance declared value (IDV) of the shortlisted car from the insurance papers. Use this as a guideline for finding the actual value of the car.

  3. Check for original documents. The documents that need to be checked are Insurance, RC Book, Service History, Tax Receipt and Original Owners Manual.

  4. Take the help of a skilled mechanic or a friend who has good knowledge on the workings of cars. Careful and detailed inspection under the hood and the overall car along with a test drive will help you understand the condition of the car. Never go by what the dealer’s word, especially if you are in touch with local used car dealerships.

  5. Carefully check for signs of structural damages like color difference, welding, etc. If any part for example a door is looking newer than others then try to find out the reason behind it. It is advisable to stay clear of any cars with accidental history. It is OK to consider vehicles that were not involved in any major accidents which lead to structural damages.

  6. Another means to check if the car was involved in any accidents is by contacting the insurance company and cross check if there was any history of accident claims in the past.

  7. Try to find facts about the car that would need repair or replacement. This can also help you while negotiating. For instance check the manufacturing date of the tire, if these are old then you have got a good point for negotiating.

  8. Always choose used cars that are registered in the same State you wish to use it in. More preferable will be the same city/town you plan to use the car in. Different state registration increases the risk of forged documentation and there might be chance that the car is stolen or might have a shady history, which you cannot check easily locally. 

Thanks to branded used car dealerships, you can get used cars easily with clean history and warranty. You might have to shell out an additional 10-15% premium but it is worth it as you can enjoy your first used car with complete peace of mind.

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