Mahindra First Choice Buying Guide- Renault Kwid


MFC buying guide – Renault Kwid

The most competitive end of the Indian automobile market is the compact car segment or the A-segment. Maruti Suzuki has dominated this segment for years with its Alto and fringe players like Hyundai Eon and Tata Nano also continue to play second fiddle. However, the arrival of the Renault Kwid has changed all that. The Kwid has steadily become one of the most preferred cars in India, setting new sales records and even giving the Alto some serious competition. The Kwid makes a strong case for itself with its competitive pricing and Indian buyers are loving the value for money that they get with this attractively styled hatchback.

Renault Kwid

The bold & beautiful Renault Kwid

The Kwid has a stance which is really unique and a little SUV-ish. It sits on a tall suspension and the big headlamps will easily catch your attention along with the bold logo and two piece chain link grille. There is a power bulge to the bonnet and the sides are sculpted and muscular as well. Protective plastic cladding for the wheel arches gives this more personality. The Kwid looks really good and it is only the rear that appears more like a hatchback. The design is refreshing in a segment where looks are otherwise considered dispensable.

Kwid Overview | Kwid On Road Price | Kwid TCO

The interiors are non cluttered, space optimized and simple. Space is ample with the dashboard getting a chrome bezeled central console housing the same touch screen used for the Lodgy and Duster. The touch screen helps with media functions, Bluetooth telephony and navigation. The air conditioning dials and vents surround it and the instrument binnacle is digital, displaying everything except for a tachometer which is absent. There is a three stack storage space at the left which means no passenger airbag though the driver’s airbag is available as an option. Interior space is constrained as expected in this segment but is not bad. Use it as a four seater and it works fantastically.

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The Kwid has a 799 cc engine from Renault’s BR family of engines and makes 74 Nm and 54 PS of peak power. This petrol engine is mated to a five speed transmission unit. Fuel economy has been claimed to be a best in class 25.17 kilometres per litre by the brand. This is a major plus point though the engine is ideal only for city driving. Revving harder makes one feel that this engine will not take too kindly to being pushed. However, things are more or less under control on account of only 660 kilograms of kerb weight. Engine refinement is really impressive and there are none of those rattles that you end up fearing. Noise insulation is controlled and this is another plus point.

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Safety features are minimal and there is no ABS as well. However, this segment does not really provide a lot of safety features. Overall ride and handling also leaves much to be desired as far as the Kwid is concerned. Bottomline Verdict? You can choose the Kwid since it is a stylish, practical, well equipped car that will give you good mileage as well. The only cons are ride and handling and absence of adequate safety features though these are things that buyers in this segment have learnt to live without!

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