Maruti Suzuki to Cut on Emissions and Enhance Fuel Efficiency

Maruti Suzuki to Cut on Emissions and Enhance Fuel Efficiency

Marti Suzuki India

Maruti Suzuki India (MSI), India`s largest carmaker focuses on new technologies to allow to reduce emission per vehicle and increase fuel efficiency thereby. The weighted average of CO2 emission has been brought down by 19% over the last decade. Other than developing new lightweight platforms, the company will also focus more on designs to improve the aerodynamics of the car to directly improve the fuel efficiency like the Baleno and the Dzire too have been built on this new platform.

Maruti Suzuki

Mild hybrid system

Introduction of a mild hybrid system in the market, along with factory fitted CNG system in vehicles have helped the company to offer vehicles that are friendly to the environment. The company also claims that three of the most fuel efficient cars in India namely the Celerio hatchback (27.62kpl), Dzire compact sedan (28.4kpl) and the Ciaz premium mid-sized sedan (28.09kpl) too are built on the same platform. The Ciaz and the Ertiga are equipped with mild-hybrid systems that have been able to sell well. The government recently took back subsidies for mild hybrids, that own clear indications to the manufactures to produce eco-friendly cars in abundance.

Innovative technologies

The company has introduced innovative technologies to make the products even more environment friendly. The company works on the platform strategy to offer better value to the customers with better fuel efficiency and performance, leading to reduction in emissions. The company also looks forward to focus on investing in new technologies and strengthening their capabilities to bring down emissions per vehicle by enhancing fuel efficiency of their cars. Maruti Suzuki also cut down on other types of emissions that result from an automobile which includes noise emissions from the engine and exhaust output that has already reduced since the last decade. Maruti is also working to make its products recyclable so as to ensure minimal pollutants from the car. This initiative has actually helped the MSI to improve their stake in the market.

True focus

Maruti has been focusing on three major key areas which are namely exhaust emissions, vehicle noise levels and vehicle hazardous substance. It also focuses on developing alternate fuel vehicle and environment-friendly technologies for long term growth. This will enhance the company’s fame and goodwill thereby getting their stake in the market at a higher place. Its mild hybrid system (Smart Hybrid) in the mass market, CNG vehicles and ELV (end of life vehicle) compliant vehicles that are free from hazardous substances and over 85 per cent materials of the cars can be recycled, are part of its future product development strategies that will improve the contribution in a better state. The company’s engineers are focused mainly on improving fuel efficiency, reducing noise, decreasing exhaust emissions and improving recyclability related to disposal of end of life vehicles. Little initiatives will improve the overall growth of the environment and the company as well.

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