Maruti Suzuki Ignis vs. Maruti Suzuki WagonR


The Maruti Suzuki Ignis is a new hatchback model and looks and feels completely different from the WagonR. But the price difference between them is not too much. It is a good idea to weigh between the two before deciding which one you should be buying.

Ignis vs WagonR

Ignis vs WagonR

The Ignis Delta manual variant costs somewhere around Rs. 5.70 lakh on road, while the automatic variant would cost somewhere around Rs. 6.30. The WagonR VXi with ABS costs Rs. 5.10 lakh and the WagonR VXi AMT variant would cost Rs. 5.60 lakh. The top-end WagonR would have just 2 extra features over the Ignis Delta. These include the fog lamps and the rear wash-wipe-defog. The Ignis Delta, on the other hand, would have the steering-mounted audio controls.

Maruti Suzuki Ignis vs Maruti Suzuki WagonR

Performance and Drivability

The WagonR is no comparison with the new Ignis when it comes to performance. It performs much like a lame duck when pit against the Ignis. The WagonR is heavier than the Ignis and has an engine that is about 200 cc smaller. This is why the WagonR is less drivable. The Ignis is much mor3e comfortable in the city and has much better rates of acceleration.

The WagonR feels much more outclassed if compared to the diesel Ignis. The Ignis diesel produces as much as twice the torque as the WagonR and the torque also becomes available 1500 rpm earlier than the WagonR. The Ignis feels very superior to the WagonR. The difference in the overtaking abilities is surprisingly unbelievable.

The Fuel Efficiency

It has been certified from the ARAI that the WagonR offers a mileage 0.4 kmpl less than the Ignis petrol, even though the Ignis has a 200 cc larger engine. The Ignis diesel has a certified ARAI mileage of 26.8 kmpl. This figure is 6.3 kmpl greater than the petrol WagonR.

Space and Comfort

The WagonR cannot compare against the Ignis in terms of interior space. The WagonR is a strict 4-seater. The rear seat is not wide enough to accommodate 3 passengers.

The Ignis is about 200 mm wider than the WagonR, making it a genuine 5-seater. The car also has about 50& bigger boot space than the little space at the back of the WagonR, measuring about 170 l.

The Rise Quality and Handling

The WagonR is actually one of the worst cars in the market when it comes to handling. It surely does not stand up to the dynamic abilities of the Ignis. The ride of the WagonR is uncomfortably bumpy.

The Ignis is quite supple and gently moves over the bumps without causing any inconvenience to the passengers. The WagonR is actually scary across the bends causing body rolls.

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The chassis feels substandard and the steering setup is downright sterile. The Ignis feels much more enthusiastic across the bends even though it is not that great.

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The Ignis is also much more suited to handle the difficult Indian road conditions because of the higher ground clearance and the bigger tyre size. The car also feels much more stable than the WagonR both at highway speeds and in the city.

The WagonR has survived quite a long run in the Indian market. Now with the company bringing the Ignis to the table, the car is all but gone.

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