Mahindra Thar vs Maruti Suzuki Gypsy

Mahindra Thar vs Maruti Suzuki Gypsy

Maruti Suzuki is a name that needs no introduction. This company has been providing the Indian population with automobiles from the day that we can imagine. Maruti Suzuki is known for offering cars at real affordable prices and the cars thus provided are all quality cars that come in amazing designs and are extremely hardy too.

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Maruti Suzuki Gypsy is a spacious SUV which has amazing off roading capabilities. It is a practical terrain drivable car that comes with a powerful petrol engine. The mileage provided by the car is also appreciable. The attractive features of the car include – adjustable head restraints and reclining and sliding front seats which provide amazing comfort and ease for the driver as well the passengers, especially in case of long drives on rough roads. The other features embellishing the car are – 4*4 wheels, removable canvas, multifunction levers and a lot more.

Mahindra Thar

Every third car owner in India has used a Mahindra once in his/her lifetime. Mahindra cars are not only comfortable and hardy but are so aptly compatible with Indian roads. It seems like it is almost made exclusively for the Indian crowd and amazingly fits big fat Indian families well. A number of Mahindra cars have gained too much popularity for their comfort and ease of use in the recent years.

Mahindra Thar is a comfortable, practical and affordable SUV. It is made to venture on the rugged terrains of India and that too with ease and comfort. It is so easy to drive this car no matter how the roads are. It has amazing off – roading capabilities and a very powerful diesel engine. The striking features of the cars that lures in customers include – a BorgWarner 4WD system with 2.48 crawl ratio in low range as a standard fitment, air conditioner with heater to create the apt and comfortable atmosphere inside the car and dual tone dashboard which gives the interior of the car a classy and sophisticated look. The car costs in the range of Rs. 6.04 to 9.25 lacs. Other amazing features that the car adorned with include – lockable glove box, foldable rear seats, 2DIN music system, removable canopy, windshield demister and a lot more.

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Maruti Suzuki Gypsy

Mahindra Thar comes with stylish and classy interiors which the Gypsy lacks. Also the latter lacks safety features that the former comes bestowed with.

Both the cars have huge cabin space, including ample head and leg space and terrain drivability. They work wonders on Indian roads and have easy controls too. The rides that the cars provide are extremely comfortable and both cars are available within an affordable price but that of the Gypsy is with 7 lacs while that of Thar is within 10 lacs, so that’s a win for Gypsy. So deciding on one among these two, is a work of difficulty. The cars are suited well for both travel with family and business travel. For longer ways, the car provides comfortable rides and are extremely suitable for kids to ease themselves in when on long rides.

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