Mahindra Gets Ready to Launch its TUV300 T10


Mahindra Gets Ready to Launch its TUV 300 T10

Mahindra TUV300

The TUV300 T10 has been very quietly launched by the Mahindra group into the market and is creating waves immediately upon its entry. The car is characterised by aesthetic features and numerous additional qualities which its previous versions could not and did not boast of. It is believed that the TUV300 T10 has been launched by Mahindra in order to compete with other well known car models like the Ford Eco-Sport and the Tata Nexon as well as with the likes of cars such as the Maruti Vitara Brezza. The price of the vehicle is estimated to be thirty to forty thousand more than its corresponding T8 Trim.

What is new and Beautiful about the Mahindra TUV300 T10?

This is a car that features smoked headlamps and there are dark chrome inserts that are situated in the front of the car. The car is also characterised by fog house lamping making it easy for drivers to see the roads ahead of them even if driving in pitch darkness. The metallic grey finish on the roof rails and the spare wheel cover of this vehicle give it a sophisticated and elegant appearance. The wheels of the car are alloy wheels of fifteen inches in length and are also known to feature a beautiful and metallic grey finish. The car is available in the pearl grey colour as well, one that would be perfect for those looking to create a style statement when driving this vehicle.

A rear spoiler that had previously been optional in other Mahindra cars can now be found situated in the TUV300 T10. What makes the TUV300 T10 a car that is particularly good to own is its amazing entertainment system. This is seven inches wide and has a touch-screen interface that makes it quite easy for car users to operate. The car also comes with two brand new tweeters and as many as four speakers, making listening to music in this car an absolutely splendid experience. The Mahindra TUV300 T10 is therefore perfect for long drives and even long journeys undertaken to various cities and towns across the country. Passengers are seldom ever likely to get bored due to the fantastic information and entertainment system that has been put in place in this vehicle. They can simply tune into their favourite music channels and television shows while travelling.

It is a surprise to note that the Android Auto which is found to exist in the Nexon and in the Vitara Brezza is missing in the TUV300 T10. The unit of the car is prepared to hold a rear view camera in it but this is not offered in the TUV300 T10 as a standard. Mechanically of course there are no alternations that have been made to the TUV300 T10. It operates on the M Hawk 100 power system which is the same power system that the T8 Trim functions on. This is a power system that features 5 Speed AMT or automated manual transmission.

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