Mahindra e2o Plus- The Smart Car

Mahindra e2o Plus- The Smart Car

Mahindra e2o Plus

Environment, pollution carbon emission – all these terms are making headlines. The entire world is worried about air pollution and its effects on climate change. India also is not an exception. It recently ratified the Paris agreement to bring down its carbon emissions. Air pollution is a problem that every city in India is facing. So, here comes Mahindra with a car which is unique and is one of its own kinds. The e2o Plus is a smart car which is fueled by electrically charged batteries. Designed to serve as a perfect city car and has number of smart features.

Mahindra e2o Plus

The most attractive feature of the car is that it is a zero emission vehicle. So while driving you can be proud of the fact that you are not adding up to the pollution levels of the city. This will effectively reduce the carbon footprint of a person as well. The body panel of the car is made up of multi-layer of composites in which the body color is added. Moreover the panels are scratch and dent resistant. The scratches can just be wiped off. The elimination of paints, chemical and power used for the purpose of painting the car also reduces the carbon footprint.

This vehicle from Mahindra is smart in the true sense of the word, especially for the cities. Normally the traffic jams of the city are cause of worry for the car owners because of the fact that it will take a toll on the fuel efficiency of the car. But for the Mahindra e20 Plus the scenario is just the opposite. The car is equipped with regenerative braking technology. Each time the brakes are hit or the accelerators are left the kinetic energy of the car is converted to electrical energy which recharges the battery which fuels the car. The acceleration of the car is good because of the fact that it has got no heavy engines or parts which will have a lagging effect on the vehicle.

The e2o Plus has got a very small turning radius of 4.35m and has an electric power steering which helps to make steep turns and U turns look very easy. The car is also equipped with a hill-hold feature which prevents the vehicle from slipping forward or backward. This ensures a jerk free acceleration on rainy days. The car is also equipped with a reverse camera which helps to reveal all the blind spots, to see distances and to spot blocks for parking purposes.

There are very few moving parts in the vehicle which indicates towards another important thing- very low maintenance costs. Plus this car is fitted with 10 computers which monitors around 196 performance parameters of the car and sends them directly to the Mahindra people. So, the mechanics are ready even before the vehicle develops a snag. Charging the vehicle is also easy. There are multiple charging ports in the city and on top of that Mahindra has made a smart phone app to help track down nearest charging points. And if no charging points are available they send their help to get the vehicle charged. Overall this car has a very smart technology, with complete control and convenience.

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