The launch of the explicit Suzuki Ignis at Bologna Motor Show 2016

The launch of the explicit Suzuki Ignis at Bologna Motor Show 2016

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We all know about the brand name of Suzuki. It has been the best over the years and has given the contemporary age a plethora of fine machines. The company is a very bold one being all worked out in Tokyo is one of the finest car builders in the world. The popularity of this brand goes even to the first countries. Previously the brand concentrated on building cars which would be a comfort for carrying out daily stuffs along with some family cars. But as the technology is advancing so is the innovation of the company. Recently The Bologna Motor Show 2016 was a hit in Italy. Many cars made this particular show a hit and among them the brand name of Suzuki also runs.

Launch Alert: Maruti Suzuki Ignis

It is being depicted that the unique crossover and hatchback style Suzuki innovation will hit the roads from 2017. They have named this beauty as Suzuki Ignis iUNIQUE. This particular model is a blend of the primary model Maruti Ignis along with some contemporary modifications. The launch will take place in Italy first and then by the middle of 2017 this outstanding machine will hit the Indian markets. The company has adopted the new concept of the iM-4 concept which was released to the press in the Geneva Motor Show of 2015.

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Another successful production of the Maruti named as the Ignis follows a platform of lightweight. Interestingly this new Iginis is also build up with this same platform. However the specification for the Euro model and the Indian are going to be different for road construction method purposes. The smooth drive experience will be better involved with the Euro Models than the ones to be launched in India.

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It is being said that the Europe version of the Maruti Suzuki Ignis is powered by a dual jet engine which is of 1.2 liters. It is a four cylinder petrol engine that is responsible for developing about 66kW of power. There are two versions of wheel drive installed in the Ignis. You can choose from either 5-speed manual transmission or a 5 speed automated manual transmission. This car when hits the road gives off a smooth and safe feel. The power of the engine just thrusts the entire days energy in a bottle which explodes when the car hits the highways.

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The compatibility of a great and smooth drive depends on the accessories of the car. The entire working procedure and method of the accessories help the car attain that standard. LED headlamps work as the headlights of the Ignis, also comes along with a touch screen infotainment which is a new technology invention and is installed in most of the new generation cars to help make the ride a fun one. The fine navigation system along with the different music system injections are also a very classy addition of this model. You can easily pair up your android phone with the Android Auto or if you have an iphone you can always switch to the option of Apple car play or the Mirror Link

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