Know The Five Most Commonly Used Types of Car Tyres


Know The Five Most Commonly Used Types of Car Tyres

For someone who may not be an ardent car enthusiast, all sorts of tyres may appear the same. But the truth is that all tyres are specially made differently either to suit the weather or the conditions they are meant for driving in. In fact, the type of tyres the car needs, also depends on many factors, including the size of the car that you drive and what you use it for.Instead of assuming that all car tyres are built the same.


Let US Take a Look at The 5 Most Common Types

Summer tyres – The hot and dry summer is perhaps the best and safest season of the year for driving cars. Since there is a lot of sun light, the roads can be seen with more visibility than in other seasons. During summer, the contact between the tyres and the road needs to be as stiff as possible. Thus, summer tyres typically come with a simple, block shaped pattern on the outermost ring which is technically known as the ‘tread’.

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Winter tyres – The winter tyres of the car are especially built for ice or snow covered roads. The pattern of the tread is a fine, block like design with deep grooves. These grooves offer heightened traction between the tyres and the road surface. Tyres made for the winters are usually built of rubber that has got greater silica content. This combination of materials not only prevents the tyre from getting cold, but also helps it to have a firm grip on the road, even in freezing conditions.

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All season tyres – As suggested by the name, all season tyres are meant for use during all seasons of the year. The patterns seen on these tyres are more intricate than the patterns on the summer tyres, for instance, and have more slits on their tread. Since all season tyres can be used for the greater part of a year, they can save us the money spent in order to switch up the tyres every time with the change of the seasons

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Wet weather tyres – In a country like India, where the rains is a sudden occurrence, it is very crucial to keep the tyres ready for the weather. Wet weather tyres, also known as the rain tyres, come with treads which have a depth of at least 1.6 mm. With greater the depth, comes better abilities of the tyres to evacuate water and consequently avoid accidents caused by aqua planning and skidding.

All terrain tyres – The terrain being referred to here is really mud. All terrain tyres have bolder, thicker tread patterns to prevent the clogging of mud. The outermost covering of the tyres is made to offer a flat surface between the tyres and the road. This pattern also self-cleans, making our lives easier.

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