Important Points to Remember While Test Drive


Important Points to Remember While Test Drive

Test Drive Car

Important Points On Test Drive

Car purchase a big deal for most people. The first mind boggling question is which one to choose in a competition of new car vs used car. Once you make up your mind on that you are faced with a larger challenge- the choice of car variants. See requires a lot of patience, research and loads of expert opinion. Once you cross this massive hurdle all you have to do is inspect the car you intend to buy.

No matter how elaborate the detailing is on online used car sites or at the dealership you should always go for a test drive for the new car or used car model that you intend on purchasing. Two versions of the same model also may seem alike but when you drive them they show dramatic difference in performance and handling character. This step becomes even more important when one opts for second cars.


Since the car has already been in use there are chances that there are few niggling defects that needs to be tested not only by you but also by your mechanic. You should thoroughly inspect every detail so that you are not caught in the trap of the dealer who may try to sell you a spurious product. Here are a few points that one should keep in mind while a test drive:

Quick exterior check– Test drive not only includes the actual driving part but also comprises of a quick check up of the exterior and interior. A quick scan of the car is the first step towards inspection of its exterior. Look for any dents, scratches, color chipping etc which is a deal breaker. Tires can also tell you a lot about the car and the way it has been maintained.

Engine check-up- Check the engine– There are many things to go through during an engine check-up. One should check the oil levels, brake fluids, coolant level, clutch wire, hose pipe and stress belt before purchase.

While at the steering wheel– This is the part where you check all the interior features of the car. Starting from looking at the upholstery, seats, dashboard and meter make sure all components are in decent condition and functioning properly.

During the Drive– There are various factors one has to consider during a drive. Try and drive at all speeds, including the really slow a moderately fast ones as all problems can’t be detected in the similar speed range. Make sure the no funny noises are generated during the drive. Make sure the steering wheel is smooth, the gear shift is trouble free and the brakes are working fine. Also make sure that all the meters and indicators on the dashboard are in working condition


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