Important Points On Test Drive


Important Points On Test Drive

Test driving a used car is double the trouble but also double the fun of taking that brand new car off the showroom onto the road. If you plan to go for a gamble and buy a used car, then it is better that you do it right. It is slightly more time consuming, but it lets you verify not only the car’s quality but also the mechanical condition of the second hand car .


Here Are Few Points to Keep in Mind


  1. Examine the tyres individually to see is they match in size and brand and have an even wear.

  2. Check under the car for fluid leaks.

  3. Make sure all of the doors open and close – function smoothly.

  4. Ask the selling person to show the working of the head lights, brake lights to ensure that they are working properly

  5. Lock and unlock all the doors from inside and outside.

  6. Open the hood with the engine started to find out if there are any unexpected sounds.

  7. Check door edges and hinges for rust

  8. Check under the carpet of the boot for rust

  9. Go behind the steering wheel and check if the controls for all the systems work properly

  10. As you drive, make sure if the steering wheel vibrates at any time

  11. Drive the car above 60kmph to detect any flaws

  12. Apply brakes to see how it functions and responds


Test Drive


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After houses, cars are the second most expensive things that we may buy in our lifetimes. So it is very important to test drive a brand new car also, before we settle to buy it instead of taking for granted that a new car should be problem free, to avoid any regrets later. What to look out for when test driving a car should help us to avoid any potential problems.


  1. Check the gadgets and features that the car has to offer and make sure that they work as expected

  2. Get inside the car and adjust the seating, the mirror

  3. See if the space inside the cabin fulfils your requirement

  4. Makes sure the AC operates correctly

  5. Try to see if the major controls seem comfortable enough

  6. Make sure the car accelerates smoothly

  7. Ensure that the brakes respond properly and with precision

  8. Be on the lookout for any strange noises that may crop up while driving the car

  9. Try to drive the car on various terrains to see how it behaves

  10. Check the reverse gear operations and also consider the rear visibility while doing so

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