Identify A Stolen Car At The Point Of Second Hand Car


Identify A Stolen Car At The Point Of Second Hand Car

Some of the signs to watch out for have been given below; they can help us big time to go safe instead of being duped into buying a car that has been stolen.

Must identify stolen car when you buying a Used Car

The seller seems suspicious – When the seller does not have a fixed address or continuously changes the contact number even between correspondences, it should call for alarm

The license plate looks forged – Check to see if the number plate conforms exactly to the standardized format. A hand written or odd looking plate calls for suspicion.

The deal seems too good to be true – If the deal looks too unreal, that is too attractive to be true, it may be that a car thief is on the run and trying too hard to sell off the expensive car at an incredibly low price

Payment in cash – Always be certain that even when you pay for the pre owned vehicle in cash, there is some paperwork or receipt to prove that the car is legally bound to you. Absence of any receipt or documentation will not let you establish that you are the lawful owner of that car and you might end up behind the bars

Fake papers – All mandatory papers should be there while selling the car. If the seller is unable to provide them to you or the documents look queer and seem fake, it is better to pull out of the deal immediately than go ahead with it any further.

Friend of seller – Always be extremely suspicious of a seller poses to sell the car on behalf of a friend or relation. They may be the thief on the run!

Stolen Car

Checking whether the second hand car you are planning to purchase is a stolen car or not is now just a simple text message away. Delhi Police has initiated an SMS application where people can text the registration number of the car to them to confirm the engine and chassis numbers and be sure that it is not a car that is stolen. “Before purchase of second hand vehicle, confirm from the respective transport authorities that the engine and chassis numbers are confirming to the registration number and the make of vehicle as mentioned on the registration certificate,” a senior police official said. “The service is available round the clock,” he said. It will come handy as investigators have seen that many stolen cars have been sold to unsuspecting consumers using fake documents.

To avail this service, one can send a text message to “9811599901” with “SV (space) Registration No or Engine No or Chasis No.

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